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Reviewing some the crafts we did at girls camp this year – – for all them listed together, see my Tips and Tricks for Girls Camp Crafts Post...

Today some quick things about the Initial Keychain…

Initial Keychain

I saw this idea over at Little Lovelies - go there for the tutorial.  I ordered the wooden rectangles in bulk from The New Image Co – I actually found the little rectangles in packages at Michaels ( #11138, Lara’s Crafts, rectangle sign 1 1/2 inch), but they only had a few in stock – and I needed like 50 packages, so I got the website off the packaging and contacted them directly about buying in bulk.  I ordered the keychains in bulk off of ebay.  I love ebay for craft supplies in bulk.  You also need jump rings but I just bought 2 packs at Michaels.  And you’ll need mod podge and foam brushes.

For the letters I cut them on my Silhouette Cameo machine – I got a roster of all the girls attending camp and cut those letters.  I cut a few extras but I told the girls that if they wanted an initial other than their own (like if they had a nickname, etc) that they couldn’t use the precut letters and would have to cut their own with scissors – lots of girls liked that option, so be sure to bring extra paper, etc.  And towards the end girls would use paper instead of having exposed wood – that was super cute.

The youth leaders all voted on the crafts to decide what to do at camp, and this was at the top of their list.  I thought they were just alright, but they actually turned out pretty cute:

When I announced the craft for the day I explained that I wanted them to LEARN A NEW SKILL and that they’d be using a drill – with every group there was an audible gasp of excitement!!  Who knew drilling a hole would be so fun.

I stopped taking pictures when I spotted the camp photographer and left it up to her.  So the rest of these pictures are from Jenika of Jenika’s Lens - -check out that site and her Psychology for Photographers (great resource for all you photographers) – great stuff and she does amazing work!!

Here I am (in the gray tshirt on the left) trying to demonstrate how to hold the drill straight up and down – – see the girl in turquoise holding it at a slant – they all did that.  Up and down girls, UP AND DOWN!!!

 Here I’m probably lecturing about the thickness of the keychain and how you don’t need to drill too much – all in vain because they put several holes in the ping pong table (see how thick that board is – they went all the way through – really!) – good thing it was old and beat up…

They really enjoyed this!!

 There were plates at every seat so when they painted on the mod podge it wouldn’t get on the tables.  There were 4 groups that rolled through, so I just had each group leave the plates because they weren’t that messy so they could get reused – – some of them wrote encouraging messages to the groups that would follow them – there’s hope in the youth of today…

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