June 28, 2012

Growth Charts

Guess what I whipped up - - so cute - - Growth Charts!!

My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby (wahoo!! their first - we are so excited) and I thought a growth chart would be a perfect gift for them.  PLUS I really wanted one for us - so I made one for our house.  PLUS Trevor had some leftover wood (hence why one is wide) from when he made my craft desk (which is still a room in disaster mode - I will show it to you - hopefully soon!!)

Anyways, I'm not going to do a tutorial, because there are PLENTY out there - - and it's pretty self-explanatory.  I loosely used the tutorial over at 517 Creations, so head over there for that.

If you'd rather buy a growth chart - there are lots of you who are craft observers rather than craft doers - I have a friend who owns a company that sells them HERE.

So anyways, no tutorial, but I have a few tips...

I used spraypaint stain on the light board - so easy!!  I didn't have it in dark, so I wiped on stain for it, but it took longer was was messier - the spray was awesome.

This triangle thing has a lip on it, so it hooked to the edge of the board and made a straight line every time - perfect - my board was already marked at each spot that needed a line.

 I used these number stencils and then filled them in so they didn't look like a stencil - seemed easier than trying to get the exact font, etc:

My new favorite place to dry things - the road!  Plenty of sun!  Doesn't kill the grass under it....

Now, to get a permanent marker and start marking heights....

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I really like both of them! I can't decide which I like better.

did you use a paint marker or just a sharpie to write the lines and numbers?
erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

Gorgeous - my son turns 1 this week so I am glad I saw this - I've been wanting to make one!!!

Love this idea! I'd like to know where you got your 'triangle thing' ruler at? That's awesome that it has the lip on it! I like them both, but the darker one is really awesome because every time you measure them you could take a picture and then put it next to it. (At least that's what my vision is) Thanks!

These are awesome! I totally just pinned this to make later...LOVE it!

@ Salt_ of_ the_ earth81 The triangle thing is called a square and they are awesome and you buy them from Home Depot.

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