How to Hang Background Paper

I love using background paper, but I don’t do it too often because it’s a hassle to drag it out.  BUT – you may have noticed I’ve been using it a lot more recently.  Trevor hooked me up!  And I’m here to show you – – how to hang background paper in your garage – it’s awesome!!

First off, I’ve probably mentioned this a million times, but one of the best places to take pictures is in your garage – really!  Open up the garage door and tons of natural light pours in, yet it’s not in the direct sun (well, for me in the morning it’s not – – the picture above was taken in the late afternoon and you can see the sun starting to creep in).  It’s perfect.

I bought my background paper a couple of years ago –  I bought 3 rolls.   I have pink, teal, and gray.  Then I bought white recently.

So anyways, I had the rolls but I didn’t use them too often because I stored them in the basement.  When I did use them, I clipped the end of the roll to a chair or trashcan (setting the roll on the ground) so the paper didn’t go very high – – good for sitting kiddos, but that was about it.

Well, a few weeks ago, I asked Trevor if he’d hold the background paper up high while one the kids took my picture – cause I didn’t know how to hang it from anything high.  He looked around, and said “just a minute” – grabbed a couple of those C clap things and attached them to the top of garage door (it was open) – -then he grabbed an old bar thing we had and shoved it through the roll of paper and the “c” part of the two C clamps – and it held!!

And I took these pictures (by the way, it’s wedding season – be sure you have belts for your little men!)

Here’s how it looks from the back (standing in the garage looking out) – -

Well, I LOVED IT!!  I mentioned that I had more rolls in the basement, so maybe he could hang one up on the other side of the garage.  He got even fancier this time – – 2 rolls at once.  He built this piece of wood with holes in it, hung the rolls on length of PVC pipe, and caped the end (he was hoping the cap handles would roll the paper up, but they don’t).  It’s still being held on by  C Clamps – 2 on each side.  This is when the garage door is up and I’m looking up at it:

Here’s what it looks like from the driveway – – see the rolls up in their spot??

 And here’s what it looks like when the garage door is down  – it just sits against the door:

 It’s been up for several weeks and not fallen off (which was my fear).  I need him to build another one of these fancy versions for the other side, so it can hold 2 instead of 1.

And where was this thing years ago?!?!  It’s SO HANDY!!  Anytime I need a picture, I just open the garage door and pull down on whichever paper I want to use.  Then roll it up when I’m done.  LOVE IT!!

It lets me get pictures that look kind of professional – – here’s a sample from some I took for Father’s Day:

 So get some rolls of background paper and hook it up to your garage door – it works!! Go try it!!

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    Wonderful idea! I too, would love to know where you can purchase the rolls of paper. Maybe my re-do will begin to change after I try this. I am not sure if it went through, but my re-do moment was to take more picures of my children when they were teenagers. At that age they are too cool for pictures, but I wish I had listened to my heart instead of their urges to stop. Now before they head back to college in a month, I can maybe snap a few great posable shots! :)


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