June 14, 2012

Knotted Headband - video tutorial

Reviewing some the crafts we did at girls camp this year - - for all them listed together, see my Tips and Tricks for Girls Camp Crafts Post...

At girls camp everyone wanted to try the knotted headband out of tshirt yarn.  I've blogged about it before (follow that link) but still get questions on how to make the knot.  So I whipped up a little video for you - how about that for service!!

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my original Knotted Headband with Tshirt Yarn Post
inspiration came from You Seriously Made That - - she posted a picture tutorial on the knot, so head there for that

I really need to get a better picture of this headband, but for now, this is what you get:

So for the tshirt version in the video, and for all the camp things, I used fabric that was normal 44in wide.  So that's how long the strips of tshirt were - the width of the fabric.  Then you pull the strips to make yarn and it makes then a little longer.  Then you tie the knot (see video) and then you Hot Glue all the ends together.  Easy peasy.  You can sew them, but we were at camp and I wasn't dragging along a bunch of sewing machines - hot glue will do the trick.

Anyways, on to the video tutorial on the knot - it's not even very long (my kind of video)


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Thanks for the video Mandy, I'm a visual learner and I caught how to do it the first time. Love my new headband, now I'm off to make a few for the daughter and niece.

What kind of tshirt material did you use? I tried this and when I pull on the strands the edges of the material pull apart and get really jagged. It also didn't curl up like yours did.

do you use a jersey fabric? i love this!!

Thanks for the video! These are so cute and look really cool if you use tye-dye tee-shirts too!

I love it! I didn't have any spare t-shirts so I used some braided yarn and it turned out gorgeous!Thanks so much!!! XOXO

hi! I made a bunch of jersey infinity scarves to sponsor a volunteer internship I did in Peru with Krochet Kids international (we teach women the art of crocheting, providing job training to help them rise above poverty)-- I just found the jersey scraps and made a headband! it was SO easy that I am going to try to make one for each of our beneficiaries (the ladies who are a part of the program). THANK YOU!!! :) I upcycled and have gifts to send back! :)



Have you ever tried polar fleese in the same way? I haven't yet but think I will try both. Thank you for all the great tutorails, you explain things so well and I really appreciate them. God Bless

I've never tried polar fleece, but if you do, I'd love to hear how it goes!

I do NOT do crafty stuff... and I'm totally doing this with my girls and her crafting group. Thanks!

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