Lilla Rose Giveaway

Super fun Monday giveaway for you — ever heard of Lilla Rose?  Well if not, time to get acquainted…

The giveaway today is from Lilla Rose Independent Consultant Sarah Ives – thanks Sarah! Let’s start off with info from her:

As a busy Mom of three, I was always in search of ways to make my hair look nice, but day after day I found myself throwing my hair up with a ponytail holder or a claw clip because they were the easiest and fastest. One day, I stumbled upon Lilla Rose on a blog and decided to order a Flexi-Clip. I had watched the sizing and styling videos and was impressed by how simply the Flexi-Clip made the models’ hair look beautiful. I didn’t think it would really make my hair look that amazing, but I thought it was worth a shot. As soon as I got the clip, I was impressed by the beauty and quality of the Lilla Rose product. The Flexis were easy to use and transformed my ordinary hair-dos into something special. Best of all, it really was possible to make my hair look nice in moments! I said goodbye to the claw clips and ponytail holders for good. Lilla Rose is only available through consultants and I knew the Flexi-Clip was something that I wanted to share with my family and friends, so after talking with my husband I decided to become a Lilla Rose consultant. It is so fun introducing women to the Flexi-Clip and helping them create styles that transform their hair from something ordinary to something stunning in moments. 

Sarah sent me some Flexi-Clips to try out – – one for me and one for my girls (who LOVE it!!) and we have mixed and matched and shared each others…. want to see it in action??

My hair is short and tends to fall out of a ponytail – – it stayed in the Flexi-Clip all day – – that’s awesome!

Here’s the front view (let’s remember I have a child photographer – you get what you get…) – – -

 I was looking off cause I was laughing at this kid who was making faces to get me to smile at the camera…

My girls got to try out the Butterfly Flexi-Clip – – they are on a HUGE butterfly kick right now so it was perfect.  As you can see, it worked great to hold in a ponytail and make it cute, all at the same time.

 My older daughter used my Flexi-Clip (it’s a size bigger than theirs) for an up twist.  Here it’s a little droopy, but not much, and she had it in all day long – the picture is at the end of the day – pretty impressive:

And since she used mine, I had to use hers – here’s a view of a half-up do:

Here are some helpful links:
Visit Sarah’s Website homepage:
YouTube videos that show how to do the different hairstyles  watch all a flexi can do!

Now, on to the giveaway-   there will be 2 winners – eek!! Each of the two winners will get a Flexi-Clip of their choice – – giveaway open to US, Canada, and Mexico residents.

To Enter (leave a comment on this post for each thing you do):
Visit Sarah’s Website homepage: and tell me what you love
–Watch a sizing video and tell me what size would best suit your needs

giveaway ends Friday, June 22nd, around noon.  Good luck!

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  1. says

    I just love all your ideas. As someone with super-thick hair, I actually have a really hard time finding things that will work to hold it up (never mind doing anything fancy). The large size 4th of July clip is so awesome! It would actually hold my hair (for a change)…

  2. says

    I absolutely LOVE their hairbands and bobby pins! I can already imagine severals ways to use these and occasions to wear them for! I would probably be a size Medium or Large.. long thick hair here! Thanks for the giveaway and I love your photos using the clips!

  3. says

    What a great idea! I love the sticks on her site. I’d be a small or a medium. I love the hairstyles.

    elgibbs AT gmail DOT com

  4. Kim Garroutte says

    I love flexi’s and LOVE the stying videos! Very helpful, in fact that is what sold this product for me! I am fortunate to be able to wear one size for all styles because I have thin, textured hair (I wear a small). Beautiful product, that makes my hair beautiful.

  5. says

    Not sure exactly what size I would need based on the video, but would guess a small will work. Especially since I’m trying to grow my hair out long.

  6. says

    I have short hair but my daughters and granddaughters have long hair and these would make getting ready for work and school easier.

  7. says

    After watching the video, I could use just about any size. My girls hair ranges from baby fine to coarse, shoulder length to mid back.

  8. Psyche says

    I watched the video and think the medium sized clip would work the best. I love these clips! There are so many pretty ones and they look so nice!

  9. Aura says

    Hi Sarah!!!! I’m so proud of you and your business adventure! And these clips are just SOOOOO CUUUTE!!! I watched the video and think the medium clip will fit me the best. I just love them all!

  10. Aura says

    This is my favorite clips right now, Girlie! Going through so much right now, I need the reminder of the cross.
    2-2092 Classic Etched Cross

  11. says

    Oooh, I just love the flexi’s with the dangles. What a beautiful way to dress up your pony!

    Also gotta check out those o-rings – what another nice change to the elastic/rubber band!

  12. says

    After watching the video, I would probably be a small (thanks for the video – I would have originally guessed a medium!!)

    Also love that there are videos showing how to do the hairstyles!

    These look like a lot of fun!

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