Mod Podge — giveaway!!

How about something fun for a Saturday – – a giveaway!! – – look at this loot:

yep, a box filled with Mod Podge goodness – – even a shirt (which I almost stole from you to keep for myself – almost…) and you can see a hint of something extra-special….

the book, Mod Podge Rocks (which you can find on Amazon HERE) – – as does Amy, the author…. she’s amazing – – you can see more of her over on her blog, Mod Podge Rocks

Anyways, obviously this book is a hot item that you want!  Everyone loves Mod Podge!!

So let’s do a giveaway  – – we’ll try rafflecopter again – I’m starting to get used to it….
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    At Christmas I like to buy clear glass plates and decorate them with fabric on the back, which I apply using Mod Podge. Add some goodies to the dish and you have a great neighbor gift!

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    last year for mother’s day my kids (3 &4) and I printed some flowers off the computer and modgepodged them to make them last longer and then glued them to Popsicle sticks and the stuck them in a small bucket! It still sits in my kitchen as a spring decoration! :)

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    Hi Mandy! Thank you for all of your inspiration! I just stocked my craft room with 2 more bottles of mod podge. Never ever want to run out. I love using it on photos that I have printed onto tissue paper and then Mod podged to stretched canvas. It looks so professional and is such a great gift!

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    My favorite thing was a tray that I made to keep on the counter to catch odds and ends. It was old and ugly until I repainted it and gave it a little mod podge love.

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    Opps, forgot to tell you what I used it for lately… I’ve been upcycling pickle, olive, jelly jars, etc. by using ModPodge to decorate them with napkins. It has been my most popular post recently and pinned tons of times!

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    I worked on a Mural project in the Children’s wing of our church. I turned out amazing. It was a tree with blowing leaves, an owl and birds!

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    I use Mod Podge on my students’ lunch and name clips every year! :) Protects the paper or paint I’ve used to dress up plain wooden clothespins/clips.


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    I use Mod Podge on these adorable wooden letter from Hobby Lobby and pick out a really cute piece of scrapbook paper and create something beautiful. :) I usually give them away as b-day gifts to friends and family. I started off using glossy Mod Podge, but now I’m using a matte form of it and I really want to try the fabric mod podge! :)

    xo, Jess

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    I have used Mod Podge on a couple of things lately. I made a scrappy birdhouse for my Mom using outside mod podge and then I mod podged a printable to a canvas for me. Mod Podge is wonderful!

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    I haven’t used mod podge yet. (I know I’ve been living under a rock). I have several frames I would like to play with and I would love to create some letter art for my daughter’s room

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    I have never used Mod Podge before, but it sure would come in handy with all of the amazing craft stuff I got for my birthday today!! I plan on redecorating the items in my living room and making three scrapbooks for my kits, this would be an AWESOME tool for me to do it all with. Have a glorious day everyone!

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    I have never used mod podge but I have soooo many projects I want to do with it. I’ve just never broken down and bought any because I know I will go broke buying stuff for more projects!!!!!

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    I mod podged photos onto foam board like you did!!!

    I’ve also heard of glow in the dark mod podge… that would be AWESOME to use!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    If I were to win I would Modge Podge a wooden filing cabinet that I have at school. It’s white and looks terrible after several years in a Kindergarten classroom.

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    Last Mother’s Day, each of the kids (and hubby and I) modge podged a picture of ourselves on a tile coaster for the grandmas for a one of a kind, handmade gift! The grandmas loved them, but neither will let anyone set a glass on them because they’re “too special!”

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    I’m afraid to admit this, but I’ve never modge-podged……can I still read your blog? :) I’d love to start crafting with modge-podge, though, just as soon as I dig my craft room out of it’s current state of “Hoarder” scariness!


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    OMG there are soooo many things that I wanna do with Mod Podge but the one thing that sticks out for me is doing artwork for the living room, the kids room, the kitchen, just everywhere….

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    Mod podge is fun. I really need to use it more. I have made a couple small projects with it by “glueing” a picture onto a board and decorating it.

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    I really want to use mod podge on my assortment of boring flats, I also got some simple wooden puzzles that I want to use it to put a picture on like decoupage for my kids-I figure i can just keep layering the images until they get tired of the puzzles completely :D
    Bonnie MS

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    As a young girl many years ago, I mod podged classic prints to boards to make artwork for my room. I recently made 40 wooden blocks pictures for the youth organization at Church. I would like to make some more 2X4 blocks using holiday themes.

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    I loved reading all of those above me. I mod podged photo coaster for the grandparents, which they loved. I want to do the mod podge coloring of vases that I’m seeing all over the place. I can’t believe how simple it looks. Thanks, susie

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    I would love to win and maybe due a few of the bajillion mod podge things I have pinned. I did a pretty awesome frame a few years ago but hadn’t played with it in a while.

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    Sadly, I’ve never used it, but I have a line of crafts on Pinterest that require it! winning this might be the motivation I need to move from dream-land to reality.. :)

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    I love modge podge and will be using a lot more of it after reading your blog. LOL Lots of new, fun things to make. Thanks for the drawing! A lot of ladies will be following your site after Saturday, we put together our craft kits for camp next week and everyone wanted to know where I got the ideas!!

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