Party Time…

well, I was going to spend all morning writing up tutorial posts from the crafts I made at Girls Camp and fill the whole afternoon with several posts, but guess what…

it’s my birthday, and I kinda want to be lazy instead :)

What, you didn’t get me anything?? Don’t worry – your presence is presents enough :)
really!  I love that you’re here and reading.  IF you want to try to boost my FB page fan numbers by encouraging all your friends to follow this awesomeness, I won’t argue…
Or you can spread the love about my Pinterest Page or my Twitter Page or the blog itself – I’m everywhere!

Some random stuff to fill up this post….

These people are awesome, cause they love to comment, and I love to read comments:

fabulous readers

I asked for my birthday presents months ago, and dropped several hints about it as time drew near – Trevor had no choice – he’s building me a craft table – – I am SO excited!  It’s counter height, so no more hunchback for me.  You can see it put together on his blog and I’ve been painting it all last week and this week.  The final coat is drying tonight so hopefully it’ll move into its spot tomorrow.  Any guesses on what I painted it??  I asked opinions on FB, and thought of tons of choices – I don’t know if you’ll guess what I settled on (I wouldn’t have guessed it myself)….

I am gearing up for a week at Cub Scout Day Camp.  It takes a lot of mental preparation to hang out with a load of 8-10 year old boys for days on end…..

I love Paparazzi and how it makes me extra $$ – – I am looking for more of you to join my team, so if you want a fun way to earn extra money, that I love, let me know – it’s awesome :)

I need to make a survey to learn all about YOU.  It’s been on my to-do list for a couple of months.  MUST get that done!!

Also on the to-do – – start a newsletter…. I’d send it out about once a month and it’d recap the projects I did for that month, etc – sounds fun, right?!?  I’ll get to it….some other day….

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    Happy Birthday! I liked your FB:)page. From one June baby to another hope your day is fantastic! btw this is the first time I’ve ever commented on your blog go figure!

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