Photo Glimpse – wedding festivities

remember, each week I try to show some pictures from the non-crafty side of life…
I’ve known my friend Brianne since we attended lamaze class in utero together – so we go way back.  She got married this past weekend – – it was perfectly done.
Waiting to be announced as Mr. and Mrs….

Kate enjoying her “mixed drink” – Shirley Temple – aka, sprite with cherry:

 Photo bomb (you know, bombing into the back of a photo) from Studio 103 – – why is it I look normal when everyone else looks crazy??  it’s a re-occuring photo theme in my life…. then when I go for a crazy look, everyone else looks normal….

Since kids weren’t invited to the wedding, the wedding party reserved a whole section at a local baseball game the next day for all the families to come and have a fun time.  Brianne and her Mr. threw out the first pitch to the game.

There were fun vendors set up – this is the table from the Zoo, passing around an ostrich egg to feel:

And this one spun the wheel to win a ball (some of the other kids just won a pencil) – so excited!!

 Our whole little gang, waiting for the game to start (can you tell we were really early?!?)

And the happy couple at the game, complete with photo bomb from A Piece of Kate’s.

Hope your weekend is a great one!!

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