June 23, 2012

Photo Glimpse

It's been so long since I did a photo glimpse post, that I just tried to spell glimpse with a "y".  Anyways, I try to share each week a little of the non-crafty side of life.  Here's some random things we've been up to the past few crazy weeks (in addition to Girls Camp and Cub Scout Day Camp):

We took a mini-vacation - just a weekend trip - - to Minnesota and The Mall of America - - it was super fun and we would for sure go back:

Bowling with playgroup:

Finishing up the kitchen (you might have seen this picture on facebook..)
 Getting older:

Piano Recital:

Swim lessons:

Hope your summer has been going well!!  Have fun!!

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Looks like a lot of fun! Best wishes, Linda

Happy birthday! It looks like the kids missed the number 2 off the front of the number though...:)

p.s. I'm suggesting you're 23, not 233

Happy birthday miss! Your kitchen is looking great too :)

We love the MOA too! I live in MN, it is a great place to go in the winter because you feel like you are outside! : )

Happy Birthday!

How did you do your little girl's hair for the piano recital? It looks adorable (but really complicated!)

I used this tutorial for her hair - - it's not in English, but you can follow along to the pictures - it's easier than it looks! http://groovybabyandmama.blogspot.com/2012/05/diy-fletning-kransbraided-hair-wreath.html

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