Photo Tips – Props!!

Another installment of Photo Tips with Lizzie!!  See more photo tips HERE.
Using props are one great way that you can add character to your images. 
One thing you have to be careful of though is going overboard with your props or having props that are distracting and that might take away from the overall focus of your image. 
If you’re interested in investing in some photo props just keep your eyes open when you’re out and about. Next time you are out yard sale-ing or shopping at a thrift store, look around for simple, classy things that you might be able to use. 
Like an old suitcase Or other vintage things that might add some character. 
Maybe “vintage” isn’t your thing and you want a more modern look.
There are lots of cute “modern” props.
Baskets, blankets, hats, etc.
“Dress-up” clothes are always fun. 
Sometimes just a simple chair can help.
 Or maybe have your client (or your children or family members, if they are your subjects) bring one of their favorite things to the session. 
Something that will bring some of their personality into the pictures. 
The baby in the above picture has horse back riders for parents and the baby in the picture below has die hard football fans for parents.
Both sets of parents wanted these props included
And I was happy to oblige because it brings the family “loves” into the pictures. :)
Whatever you use, make sure it’s simple and classy. You never want a prop to take away from what you want the main focus of the image to be.
I’d love to see some of your pictures with props this month!
Maybe some of them will be shared on my next post!
Send them to:
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See you next month!

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