June 13, 2012

Pictures for DAD - and last-minute idea

Wowza, did you know Father's Day was this coming Sunday?!?  me either! which is why I have no post of something I've done this year.... so let's review years past....

First up, I love taking special pictures for Dad to display at work, etc - - get your kids, make some letters (note, these letters have mod podged paper on one side and they're white on the other side - the letters "D" and "A" happen to be reversible, so they'll work either way) - or you could just print some letters out on paper, and snap a few pictures - - some samples...

with 4 kids you can do "Dad #1" - - see, my oldest is holding up a finger for #1

Or with more kiddos you can pile them all in and then put it in a frame that says "we love...."
Or here's a one-child sample:

And then if you need a gift idea, I love this shirt so much that I've made it twice - - you can find the tutorial here - - the front says "My DAD deserves a pat on the back" and the back has handprints -cute, right?!?
Father's Day Handprint Shirt new version

And here's a blurb of something Trevor wrote last year about Ode to the Underdog.

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We made a Mother and Father frame for my parents two years ago for Mother's & Father's Day (there are 6 of us). They LOVED them. I just cut the letters out of 8.5x11 sheets of foam. Super inexpensive.

I must say, I LOVE your shirt idea. My dad would LOVE a Grandpa one. He is soooo into and proud of his grandkids. He has a Hershey Kiss shirt that my SIL had made-up and wears it constantly... keeping this in mind for Christmas!

My kids are grown, but I still ove the idea! Great!

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