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Here we go – – 3 posts in one…

OWIE OWLS  – – keep them in the freezer and they’re perfect for owies!  Not too cold, so kids love them. And for me, they’re like the bandaid fix (you know, when a kid needs a bandaid to feel better even though they’re not really hurt) – “oh, you got hurt?  let’s get out the Owie Owl” – perfect fix :)

I make a flock of these about once a month for a local boutique.  Recently one of you emailed me about making a flock for a birthday party – and here they are:

They sell for $9.50.  I’ve been asked tons if I would make owls to ship – – normally I don’t, because they weigh a lot so shipping just one isn’t worth it.  BUT – if you get a group of friends together who all want one, I’d be happy to ship them in group of 5 or more.   So just let me know if that’s something you’re interested in, mandybeez at gmail

HAIRDO – – we often try hairdos by looking at online ideas.  More often than not, they come out different – but hey, just go with it.  This one was a little twist leading back to a ponytail that has lots of twists pinned up out of it – – guess I should have taken pictures as I went – oh well!

So I Married A Craft Blogger – – Trevor is perfectly fine with the blogger-provided head he has on his blog – – what kind of crazy talk is that?!?  So I enlisted my sister-in-law Amber to whip him into shape and make a logo – – I suggested playing off the movie poster…. so she took it and our recent picture…

So I Married An Axe Murderer
And made this (which she hand-drew and then digitized) – – I LOVE IT!!
But apparently I should have ran that whole idea by Trevor because he thinks it’s a little on the cutesy side.  He’s probably right – that why I like it :)   I guess he wants a more manly logo, but I still had to show it off to you…
IQ TEST – – I took an IQ test the other day and just had to document this for all the days I can’t remember why I even walked into a room…I’ll highlight the important parts….these people make me sound fabulous (don’t be fooled!!)
Your IQ Score puts you in the Superior range of intelligence (130 – 140), indicating that you are well above average intelligence and considered to be extremely smart. Neither the left or right side of your brain has dominance This means that you are well rounded and equally as good at big picture thinking and creativity as you are at numerical or logic based activities. Your numerical skills are about average and you are able to get by with numbers and mathematics. A stronger grasp of mathematical concepts and more practice with maths and numbers would help you in planning your finances or understanding statistics, however you are a logical person with a strong grasp of both basic and advanced logical concepts. You perform well when constucting arguments and following through ideas to their logical conclusions. A firm grasp of logic coupled with better creativity has the potential to make you a stronger problem solver. As a very creative individual you will do well at all tasks that require a significant amount of creativity. This could include artistic pursuits, big picture thinking and invention of new ideas.
Anyways, happy Saturday!!  get to crafting!

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    Your little owls are so cute… When you mentioned the cost of shipping, I just wonder if customers could fill them upon receipt. Of course I am going on the assumption that you would use rice or the like to stuff them and that they would be complete before stuffing… Anyways just an idea..

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