June 6, 2012

WIWW - with a review!

So, I don't really have much to show from last week, cause I wore this shirt everyday:

It was the shirt for the girl's camp where I headed up crafts all week.  I drug Kate along as my assistant.  I don't feel so short in real life, but when I look at this picture it makes me think I'm some shrunken-bodied person...

Anyways, let's move on.  How about this - -
I'm mixing up my poses, but I think I should just stick with what I know - the "look off in the distance" can be a little awkward.

Anyways, cute dress, right?!?  It was sent to me from Bella Ella Boutique - such a cute shop!!  I follow them on facebook and when they get new items they post them to their FB page.  Then you can just email them and they'll ship you whatever you'd like - - they shipped mine that day, so talk about amazing service!!  I love seeing something new pop up in my feed - it's perfect and I feel like it's tailored to me.  So obviously I would highly recommend that you follow them on facebook so you don't miss any great items (like those seamless basic cap sleeve tops - those look amazing).
Let's keep in mind that these pictures were taken by my 7 year old....  Oh, and shout-out to the sparkly silver belt from One Little Belt (they're normally for kids, but I begged for one in my size).  Anyways, back to the dress - I think comfy dresses are "the thing" this season.  It's breezy and lightweight, but still cute.  I thought adding a belt made it a little more flattering by adding shape.  It was a little low in the front for me, but I just layered a tank underneath.  Here's their model in the dress - she didn't need a tank underneath, but I'm not curvy so I had nothing to hold the neckline up.... and also check out the other color choices....

I was also sent a cute necklace from Bella Ella Boutique - love the bold colors (again, 7 year old photographer, so I blame her for making it look like I wasn't wearing makeup....) - I wore it with a plain tshirt and I felt like it really dressed my look up for that day:

So, thoughts on comfy dresses??  Are you working them into your everyday attire??  I really want to try to wear them more often - I just have to get over that they're a "dress" (cause in my mind dresses are for Sundays) because they're casual and comfy and cute - the 3 C trifecta!! yep, I just came up with that....

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3 Fabulous Comments:

Pretty good photos for a seven year old, and that dress looks so much better on you than that model. Seriously, seeing you side by side it is so obvious that you wear it much better. :-)

I'm not sure if you were going for funny when writing this post, but there are so many good one-liners in there - I couldn't help but smile :)

I wish I wore/owned more dresses too! They are so cute and great for summer.... Maybe it's time for me to stock up too!

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