June 27, 2012


What I Wore Wednesday  - - when I check to see what I'm wearing is semi-normal :)

First up, I went to a bachlorette party - - I was going to wear pants but then Kate said she was wearing a skirt so I threw on this tshirt dress and of course everyone was in pants.  Oh well!  It was a pretty casual dress so I think its okay, plus it is really comfy.  I styled it with my yellow cardigan and the elastic belt I made a while ago - it's still a hit.

Then of course comes the wedding - - - I wanted to wear the shoes I'm wearing the picture above, with purple accents, but Kate wanted to wear my purple belt - then Trevor thought I was wearing yellow and gray and put on a yellow shirt so we'd coordinate (he knows me too well) so then I had to switch to yellow and gray - I didn't know what to accent it with, so I stuck with silver belt and jewelry.
 But the wowza was the shoes.  Since I didn't have a purple belt I couldn't do purple shoes and I needed tall shoes (cause I'm short!) but I don't have any - so Kate shopped in my aunt's closet and I met her in the parking lot of the wedding where she chucked them at me with a "put these on" - - I've never worn shoes this tall in my life!!  I think they were rockin', but my feel were killing me my the end of the night.  How do people wear these on a regular basis?? (ignore my ankle bracelet left over from camp and my toes in need of a new coat of polish...)

Thoughts on either outfit??  Do you wear tall shoes??

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You are braver than me--I would probably have fallen into the wedding cake if I wore those shoes! But they do look awesome! I think both outfits were super cute.

Love both outfits! Sooo fun!

I love outfit number one! Number two is super cute too, I just don't dig the belt with it. You rocked those heels though:)

You look great in both outfits! Love the shoes!! I'm not good in super high heels but you were rockin' it!

I agree, both outfits look great on you. And there are many people who can't wear horizontal stripes. The heels are cool and I could survive about 1 second in them. You're brave!

Super cute outfits. I love the purple shoes. Purple is my favorite! Those 2nd shoes ARE tall, but they look great on you.

Mandy - Both outfits are fabulous but I am a sucker for gray and yellow! Love it!! The heels are stellar as well! Short people must always find ways to gain some inches in length! To help with the "hurting" of the stilettos I always get inserts that you can find at the shoe stores. Dr. Scholl's make the best ones in my opinion! =)

You know, I don't want this to sound wrong, but I really think you are learning through this process of showing what you are wearing. I feel like you get better at styling from week to week. Maybe I should do this on my blog. I tend to be very opinionated in my comments about your wardrobe, but the truth is that you dress a whole lot better than me! lol
As for the shoes, I think they are really cute, but my poor feet could never tolerate them. Maybe when I was younger I could have worn them, but not now. But you look great in them. My favorite outfit is the wedding one!

Great shoes! And I love the brown dress with yellow cardigan.

I wear tall-ish (3 inch or so) to meetings, dinners out and events like weddings. Most other times, you find me in flip flops or flats.

GREAT outfits! And I was wondering how the heck you wore shoes that tall - until I kept reading - LOL!! Sexxy for sure, practical not so much!

I love those shoes! Your whole wedding outfit is so cute.


I love sky-high heels but the trick is to sit around and look cute in them but not wear them for any length of time! I think you look adorable, and it is soo sweet that you like to match with your husband. (AND he cooperates!)

oh wow. She shoes look awesome. I have high heels, but I never wear them. I am 178 cm and just feel that I would be too tall. And I just dont have the confidence to wear them in public.

I love the brown dress, you look so pretty with it in the photo. The yellow cardigan works so well with everything, though I am not a fan of the silver belt. Is there a reason you put a belt with this outfit?

I LOVE those heels!!

*cough cough* I'm kind of a shoe addict, as you can see on my blog

I prefer 3+ inches of heels, and wear them each and every day. I'm actually kinda sad about it right now though. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have just now had to give them up :( My poor swelling feet can't handle the heels anymore, so I feel as if I'm stuck in flip flops for 6 more weeks. Oh well, at least it's summer!

Your look beautiful as do your outfits! I love your hair in the wedding outfit. Very pretty!
Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

wiww is one of my favorite days! just saying.

I love your wedding outfit :)

Yikes! Those are indeed some tall shoes. ;) I wore stilettos everyday back when I was working before my little on came along, but that was before the giant platforms came back in! ;) Now days, I generally rock flats - much easier with a preschooler around.

You look great in both outfits - although the colorful one is my favorite! ;)

I love the first outfit! That dress looks so comfy, and paired with the pink belt it's perfect :)

Pink Chai Style

I absolutely love those shoes! I love heels but only have two pair because it feels awkward to be taller than hubby -which I am if I wear anything higher than 2 inches.
So the heals come out when hubby stays home :)

Both outfits are super cute! LOVE the second one on you though! You pull off those shoes so well!!! I hate wearing high shoes. I'm also fairly tall for a woman. The hubs is 6'4" though so I could wear them if I wanted, I just don't like to.

You look great in those tall heels! Love the wedding ensemble!

Looooove the stripes...and that pink belt is too fun!

LOVE the shoes! I have an obsession with heels! 3+ inch heels are hot!

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