$40 in FREE jewelry – for you!

Yep, I’ve decided to give away $40 in FREE jewelry to as many people as possible – – sound good??

You all know that I am a Paparazzi Independent consultant, and I LOVE it!!  I’d love for each of you to become a consultant – but I realize that for some of you it just might not be your thing right now.  Totally understandable, but I’ve got a deal for you…..

Even if YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED in becoming a Paparazzi Consultant, I bet YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO’D BE GREAT!!  Really – I have had several friends say “I have a friend where we used to live who would do AWESOME at this”.

So, to get $40 in FREE jewelry, spread the word that I’m looking for awesome consultants to join my team.  If someone you refer joins my team with a starter kit, just have them clue me in that you were the one who referred them, and I’ll send that FREE JEWELRY right to you.  (they’ll need to sign up by the end of July – that gives you a couple of weeks to go on a recruiting spree).  Feel free to email me or have your friends email me with any questions – I love talking about Paparazzi – it’s mandybeez at gmail.

You can see all about Paparazzi at their amazing new website, Paparazzi Accessories.  You can read about signing up HERE and my consultant ID is #1768.

I have blogged about Paparazzi several times, and you can read some here: Why I Love Paparazzi. – but a few quick points:

  • it’s $5 accessories.  Yep, a necklace and earring set for $5.  I would buy that.  I feel comfortable selling something that I think is an amazing deal.
  • because it’s a great deal, it sells itself.  No sales pitch at parties.  Just sit there and people come and shop.  Sometimes people call me up to come randomly shop at my house.  Sells itself.
  • You make 45% commissions.  Yep, 45%.  That’s awesome!
  • On top of commissions, you can aim to pull in commissions from a team below you – huge potential there.
  • It’s super cute stuff – you can see samples HERE.

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    I am seriously considering doing this. I am a recently certified teacher, but with the economy the way it is, schools are laying off teachers, not hiring them. While I do work as a substitute teacher during the regular school year, it doesn’t exactly cover the bills the way we’d like. This looks like a great, fun way to add to my income. Thanks for introducing me to Paparazzi. I’ll definitely be speaking with my husband!

  2. says

    I’ll spread the word as best I can… The idea of this company is so intriguing. I’ve been wanting to see the product in person for a while… is it good quality? It’s such a low price that worries me about quality. lol.

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