July 14, 2012

4th of July - Photo Glimpse

Remember, each week I post some pictures to show the non-crafty side of life...

My parents got a "pool" - I don't think you can really call it a pool since it came from Walmart, but my kids are LOVING it -- on the way to the first time to their house when they got the pool, my soon-to-be kindergartener said "I'm so excited I might cry!  I probably won't, but I might...."

They threw a get-together for 4th of July, including pool swimming - - everyone joined in on the fun of a whirlpool....

The guys then proceeded to do bellyflops and cannon balls into the water - note, it's only like 2 feet deep...

Then my uncle drove around the driveway with my mom in the backseat throwing out candy like it was a parade - nothing but fun for us!

 And then it was fireworks time - - 

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I LOVE IT! Your own private parade!!!

That's too much fun! I am starting a Fun Photo Fridays link party each week. This post is perfect for that if you want to join in ;). http://myfavoritefinds.blogspot.com/2012/07/fun-photo-friday-new-series-link-party.html

I love it! What a fun 4th with your family!

Hee hee, loved the parade! And what would a pool party be without belly flops and cannon balls? ;-)

hahah I love what you guys did!

Your driveway parade cracked me up! Now that's a fourth of July! :)

Looks like a great time we have an above ground pool and we always called the whirlpool "the flush" so funny to see the faces on their friends when my 7 year old says want to flush. HaHa. Our Pool about twice the size of your parents so we can "flush" a lot of children.

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