July 19, 2012

Craft Paint Wall Organizer

It's been quite the project organizing my craft room.  Apparently I have a lot of stuff.  And a lot of random craft paint.  Trevor saw the need for the craft paint to be organized, and came up with an amazing solution using a discarded board found in the garage - - so here's a quick tutorial on how to make a Craft Paint Wall Organizer - 
Here's a head-on view of the greatness:
Mark your board with little pluses all over it where you want the holes to be - you can kind of see them in this picture - I think there was lots of measuring involved in this step:

Then on each plus, drill a hole.  Do that 77 more times.  (That's call a forstner bit, size 1 3/8 - just in case you were wondering)

And you'll get this lovelyness, which I posted on FB to see if anyone could guess what it was:

Then you can paint it if you want - I used that spray stain stuff I have, and that worked great as well.  Then hang it on the wall.  There's a cleat board on the top and bottom so that it sticks out from the wall, like so:
 And that's how the paint stays - so handy!!!  I love it and being able to see all my paints without dumping out a whole bucket.  Awesome!

Have a ton of craft paint - try making one of these!!  Now, off to buy more orange and purple paint, I seem to be lacking in those....

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Great idea! I would probably have put my paint bottles in the wrong way round though so that the paint colours were showing instead of the lids....I do that with my jars of ribbons, bottom end up cos I got fed up of hunting....these things are meant to make life easier yet I always manage to make it harder! xx

Awesome! When you did your craft room reveal the other day this was actually what had most of my attention. I kept scrolling through the pictures looking for different angles so that I could explain it to my Dad for my christmas present this year.;D Now I know all the details! Thanks!

That is Perfect! And that gave me another idea- storing the essential oils and fragrance oils I use for my soaps. Thanks for the post!

I love it, and I want one!! Now to convince the husband to make it. hah

I love this! All of mine are in a box and I'm always digging through it!

Oh now that is a space saver for sure! I'm pinning it and then seeing if I can sweet talk my husband into making it!

very nice. I have all my craft paint in a 16" tool box and not all of it fits so the lid is always propped open a bit. Each jar is facing up and I have dabbed a dot of paint on the top of each of the lids so I can see what color it is. Love your craft paint wall. I REALLY need to do something with my craft room. Maybe once school starts I'll have some time to work on that.

Fabuloud idea!!! I love it and want to make one

I just saw something like this on Pinterest - Thanks for the tutorial!

I just got rid of all my paints for our pending big move. It really feels empty, not being able to just whip something up because all my paints are gone

Wow! I so need one of these!!! I have all my paints in a plastic gift wrap container & its so loaded down with paints that I can barely lift it! Thanks for sharing!

This is a great idea! I'm all for craft supple organization! And since my home office/craft room is next on my to do list! Perfect timing!

I love this! It is such an awesome idea. Thanks for showing us how to make it :)

So cute! What a great project :-)

This. Is. Awesome. And I love that there are "extra" holes for more paint color purchases too. ;) Seriously - great idea, Mandy!

I LOVE this idea, Mandy! I am in the middle of my office/craft room makeover, and one of the things I've been trying to figure out is what I want to do with all the craft paint. This is simple and genius - thanks so much for sharing! :)

http://instagram.com/p/Px4cWQK6nc/ I made a larger one and painted it white and glittery :) this is the best idea EVER and I am so happy you had this idea!

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