July 13, 2012

Craft Room Desk - ah!!

I have been wanting a new desk for my craft room forever.  I asked for it for my birthday (that's in June) in January.  And again in Feb.  And again and again til the week before my birthday when Trevor had had enough and took to building it for me.  Trevor blogged about the desk on his blog, So I Married a Craft Blogger a couple of times (worth reading!) HERE and then HERE.  You can go there to see the pre-painted version.

I wanted the desk from Ana White, found HERE and seen below.  But we had a pretty big space, so Trevor made the top bigger for me (there's a support board added).  In hindsight, we should have made the shelves bigger as well, cause why not!

So the big debate was what to paint it - oh the decision!  I'm a pretty fun person, so I wanted a fun desk - I really leaned towards turquoise or red because those colors are in my craft room, but I just wasn't sold.  I finally settled on white.  I put on facebook that you all would never guess what color I painted it - because really, who would guess that I would pick boring white!  But, there was a reason - -you know I take a lot of tutorial pictures in my craft room, and they're always awful (it's our basement, so poor light, etc) - but if I have a white desk, it opens up a whole new photo world - see:
I just took this as I was making it - my workspace looked like this if you backed the picture out:
Now, I just need to bring in some better lighting, and my tutorials won't know what hit them!  Funny when blogging influences my life so much that I base my decor on it.  But I did add some fun stencils because I just couldn't take plain boring white.  They match my plywood rug, which looks as good today as it did the day I made it - holding up great!

So anyways, I had a couple of complaints about my old set-up - - - first, the table was table-height, but when I craft I tend to stand up - so it kills your back.  I needed counter height.  And second, the table had no underneath storage - which I apparently desperately needed.

This new desk has lots of shelving storage under it - perfect!  Trevor was trying to whip me into shape and drug me into the office supply store where we bought $50 worth of plastic containers - who does that?!? But I'll tell you, they're working wonders....

While at IKEA on vacation, we bought some storage bar and basket things.  We also bought a magnet bar to hold little containers, but somehow didn't make it home with it - I know I bought it, so I'm wondering if it magnetized itself to the bottom of the shopping cart as we loaded our car and we left it there argh.  So the blank wall space is for when we go on vacation again and find an IKEA to rebuy that item...

Trevor was the one who walked me through organizing, using some Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing thought process - like "what do you use most often" and "group like tools together" - I sat back while he quizzed me down like a hoarder "is there a reason to keep this - will you ever use it...."

I feel the most mind-boggling revelation was that I have a lot of projects laying around.  Trevor would pick something up - "where's this go" me: "it's a project, it can't go anywhere - I'm working on it (and have been for months, right?!?)" after doing that for about 10 things, he's all "I'm thinking you might need to have a spot for current projects" - hmm, why didn't I think of that??  So each one of these bins has a single in-progress project in it - genius!!

A  couple of more views of the room:

And just to keep it real - I might have spent a whole week cleaning and organizing my craft room, but don't get too excited - here's the view standing in my pristine craft room looking out at the rest of the basement...
But hey, at least one room of the house is clean!!

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37 Fabulous Comments:

The desk looks great! I have to raise my hand though about buying the plastic containers. I just spend over $100 in containers from Wal-Mart!

Looks great and I LOVE the "life in action" shots too. I would love to have a SPACE, but usually spread my stuff ALL over the house!

Love it! And so glad you shared the 'real life' pics too! It reassures me that I'm not the only crazy mom with projects undone and a house uncleaned to boot! Maybe I iwll get brave and share my own room someday - but that would require some cleaning!

Great set up and LOVE the desk! Thanks for sharing!

so awesome! You will LOVE having that counter height work space - it does truly save your back. The matching stencil is too cute!

Love it! Now if I could just convince my hubby to sell or move our dining room table (which looks an awful lot like your before table) and let me have something like this - he's kind of attached to the current table set because I bought it raw and he had to hand stain all of it.

Love the desk! And everything else about your room. My craft space is supposed to be in my basement as well. I have my own room down there next to the "man room", but I can't bring myself to use it. lol Maybe I should now that I see what you have been able to do to yours! ;)

Love it!! I can't wait for the day when I can have my own craft space. I noticed you have vinyl on some bins (they look like the ones you get at Target) and was wondering how you got it to stick. I've been trying to get something to stick to the ones we have but have had no luck. Please tell me your secret.

I absolutely love it! Now I wanna go build one, and I don't really craft and my workspace is in the garage.

Wow! You are so lucky to have such a great work space.
I really like your camera strap too :)

I love it Mandy! Whenever we have a permanent house and stop moving so much, I have every intention of making that same desk ever since I saw it at Ana White too! Love what you did with it! I also love that the rest of your basement looks like that! Makes me feel a little better that my WHOLE basement looks like that ; )

lovely crafting room, nothing like having a table at the right height to work at, love the plywood floor and all the fabric on the shelves where you can see it, mines all in totes

Oh I love it!!! I am a big one to organize and put things in bins ect and your craft area is just awesome!

I love this! You know you have a great husband to help you through all the organization. So wish I had an extra room for this.

So nice! I really would love one for myself.

It looks great! I had my husband build me a craft desk as well, it's so nice when you can build things to exactly what works for you! I love the stencil, so so fun. And what great ideas for organizing too.

I love how you keep it real! So often people just show their best of the best. You show the real in reality. Oh and I love the desk!

So glad I read this, I am inspired and I wish your husband could come quiz me "like hoader" (I think maybe I AM hoarder) But I did get some ideas! Thanks

I love your sugar bee crafts sign over your work area! The room looks great! I really need help with my craft room. I can't even walk in there at the moment. It is depressing. I just need a day without the kids, without distractions, and a buddy willing to push me to the finish. sigh. Love your desk! It looks amazing!

I love your Sugar Bee room!!! :) The desk turned out amazing! And I see that paint board is what all the circle cutting was about! Everything looks awesome!!

Wow! Wonderful craft room! And what a guy you have! my room started out almost as organized, but then......well you know....craft happens. I just found your site and I love it. Thanks for all the eye candy. Just wanted to let you know I mentioned/nominated you in my blog too. Thanks again, Cathy

The last pic is adorable! You really look at home in your newly organised room. I love to keep spaces clean and white where I need to get creative, because I get a clearer mind and less clutter in my thought processes. I also find white is a great base on which to build from for photos - still working on that! Love the desk, I had better get down to sorting out the office lol. Your hubby seems to be a lovely persistent persevering kind, supporting you through the process of how to organise everything - congrats on a great team result!

It looks great! Such a nice workspace for you!
I had to laugh about the container comment. I buy them piece by piece (because I am cheap like that) but my hubby spent about $300 the LAST time he bought bins & wall organizers for his workshop. He has TONS of small parts & hardware. He is always telling me to just get them. :)

it's fantastic...your adorable...and i laughed that you painted it white..cause i know i would! if (when) i get a craft room...i will paint each wall a different color so i use them as photo backdrops!

Oh my...it's so beautiful!!! And the stencil work is awesome :)

I even showed Preston the picture of you laying on the desk while laughing and saying, "because it looks so clean now" (it's the same in my space in MO and the dining room table here in PR)

Ahhhh...I'm so jealous! Can I move into your craft room? We actually just saw a desk/table like yours at NFM a couple weeks ago & I told hubby that if/when I get my own craft space I want a table like that. Looks great!

Congrats! You have a wonderful space to work on it! And be inspired!

Hi, just found your wonderful blog! I absolutely loooooove your craft room! I would love to have a big space like that and decorate it how I like. Such inspiration in your room :)

You guys make a great team! :) I made a counter height craft table earlier this year and I absolutely LOVE it. I didn't realize how much I prefer to stand while crafting. It gives me the perfect space to work! My craft room is the other side of the basement/playroom so it's all connected and I'm OCD with cleaning so my space had to have lots of storage so that nothing was out and exposed - so I get the whole shopping trip for plastic bins and ways to hide the mess! I love the touch of color the stencil added as well. Great job as usual. :)

Love how you painted your desk! Good for your for getting organized. I hope to have a craft room one day!

It looks amazing and I love your desk! I really need to whip mine into shape. Love the stenciling and how you painted the sides of the table top-such a cute touch!

Amazing!!! I would love to have a space to do this. For now it's either on the kitchen table, or in my room on a folding table that I only get out for long, ongoing crafts that can't take up the kitchen table that long.

That looks great Mandy. It looks like it works perfect for you! I need to have my Logo somewhere in the room too.

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