July 9, 2012

DIY Kitchen Remodel - -the BIG REVEAL!

It's the post you've all been waiting for - - a glimpse into our kitchen after our mini-remodel - wahoo!  It's actually been done for a few weeks, but in order to show it to you it had to be clean to take pictures, and you know how that goes....But look, it's so awesome-

Check out the big difference - wowza!!

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First off, I have done a few updates along the way, so here's that recap (click the links for the posts):
--Making Curtains using grommets (so easy!)
--PAINTING the cabinets GRAY - so doable!
--Wall Stencils above my cabinets
--First view of the new countertops (we went with Quartz)
--Switching out Handles and Hardware

Let me show off a few things.... our "L" didn't come out too far even though there was plenty of room to extend it - so that's what we did.
We knew we couldn't match the existing cabinets, so Trevor built this shelf on the end to hold up the extra length of cabinet.

So since there was some open cabinetry now, I felt like there needed to be a little more to tie the space together - so we left the doors off of the middle upper cabinet and trimmed it out. I love how it changes the look to a more updated feel.
So now my flour/sugar canisters sit off of the counter - awesome.  I have my measuring cups and spoons hanging from the cabinet - I love that find at IKEA.

When we got our new stove awhile ago, we realized it was bigger than the old one.  We wanted to build a place for the trash, but the opening was pretty narrow - if we framed it out, the actual trash wouldn't have even been wide enough to hold an empty milk jug.  So I came up with the brilliant idea of not framing it at all - just using a cart with a fake front - I thought it was a genius idea, and it works great:

The whole kitchen was DIY except for our countertops.  We debated on the type for quite a while and finally settled on Quartz and we've been really happy with it.  Warning - living without countertops is awful and involves having no kitchen sink....

After the countertops were installed, it was time to work on the tile.  Trevor carefully removed the old tile, but to no avail because he still ended up having to cut out the old sheetrock and start over with new.

 We went with a custom mosaic tile for the backsplash.  We were worried about the mosaic being too busy right next to our speckled countertop.  After pouring over various ideas, Trevor suggested a solid tile border around the mosaic and that's what we went with. I love it!

Installing the tile - - you can see that when you peel off this clear film, it pulls some of the tiles with it...
So the kids buttered the backs of the tiles and we stuck them on.  Gotta love family projects.
 Grouting over the tile...

 It looks amazing....pulls the whole kitchen together.  I don't know if you can see, but in addition to a few green tiles (for our walls) and brown (for the floors) and gray (for the cabinets) and black and white, there are also stainless steel tiles - they're my favorite.

We're not sold on the light choice - we got these at IKEA in Minnesota - I like them, I just don't love them.  Any ideas??  I wanted a chandelier of cage lights, but Trevor thinks that's crazy...you can see some ideas on my Kitchen Pin Board.

Also up for debate, the corner windows - - they're not painted.  They're surrounded by painted cabinets, so Trevor thinks they should be painted - - but ALL the trim in our house is wood, including the doorway that's right next to our fridge, leading into our dining room, AND all the trim around the windows next to our black table in the eat-in kitchen area (you can see barely a peek of those windows in the picture above, in the bottom left corner).  So I say leave them wood.  Thoughts??

And these were in a previous post, but still, I just love my secret features...

Hidden Drawer (in the toe-kick space):
Faux Sink Front Drawer Put To Use:
Custom drawer with dividers:

 Just another picture for good measure, cause I love our kitchen....

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48 Fabulous Comments:

That looks awesome! I love it.

It looks amazing! I love seeing all the steps and work you put into it! I really love the mosaic tile backsplash - gorgeous!

The back splash is beautiful and I love your "hidden" drawer.

where did you buy your new hardware? I'm looking for a place with great prices!

I love the colors! I love the counter. You guys did a fabulous job. I'd be torn on the trim as well but I don't think the wood goes with the painted kitchen. I hope it's an easy decision for you guys.

Really, really innovative ideas! I love the trash one! I also love the green! Awesome! Thanks for sharing your decision making process with us.

What a great job! Its beautiful. I agree with Trevor though. My eyes immediately went to the trim because the color is so different from the dark cabinets....it distracted me.

I love it! I would really love to see how you did the toekick drawers. That would be awesome to have in my kichen too. I have just the place for one!

It looks great! I am getting ready to re-do mine...after I finish my backyard project and I hope I will love mine as much as you love yours!! Wonderful!

Looks awesome Mandy!! I love your little secret toe kick drawer and the faux sink drawer! I hate wasted space! : ) oh and your trash can drawer! I HATE my trash can being out... love what you did! The backsplash is awesome! I bet you are loving it! : )

I commented earlier that you might want to paint the window trim. Still think they would look great painted either white or to match the cabinets. I know you don't want to be stuck doing the whole house, but those two little windows aren't really close to any others and they would really tie the whole remodel together. Maybe some sort of cafe curtain or drape would help hide them as well.

I love, love, LOVE it! My favorite is the tile backsplash. It is beautiful. I would paint the window trim for sure. I don't think you would have to do the whole house. I think it would really finish the kitchen off. You guys did amazing work!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Turned out great and love the color pallet! we just finished our kitchen too - a little slice of heaven :o)

Oh and on the window frames....is there a way to make a cover that over the existing frames? Matching them to the cabs would be good, white would lighten up the corner....just my 2 cents

I love the back splash! The whole thing looks amazing!

Oooh, I love the colors! Everything looks so nice and compliments each other. I bet you guys are loving walking in there every morning! :)

Mandy, lovely kitchen, I admire that you and hubby did all of this and, very importantly, you did all the planning. Tough.
Couple things. 1)I agree with you about the lights, if you can find something different that would be good. Maybe in stainless, that would add some color and match nicely.
2)At first I agreed with your dh that you should paint the woodwork however, I think that would be too matchy-matchy and sort of dark.

Great work!!!

Nicely done! I love the green! You guys did an amazing job; so affordable and such smart things you put in there! I'd paint the trim in the corner... for now. If you decided to paint the trim in the rest of the house later, you could change it then, but matching the cabinets would keep it from being 'noticible'. :)

I LOVE everything about this! I love the colors, I love the backsplash, I love the floors. Wow, you did it good! :)

Great job! Makes me want to redo my kitchen.

I think if you look at your before pictures and then your after pictures, of the window trim, that may help you decide what to do with it.

I think the natural wood is distracting from your cabinets-more because the wood tone is warm and the color of the cabinets is cool.

I love it! That backsplash rocks! I also love the color of those cabinets! I painted ours white, but with 5 kids homeschooled, home all day...every day, white I'm finding white is probably not the right color for us. Might have to use your cabinet color next time!
@ Creatively Living

Looks so wonderful! Good job, you two! And I say paint the window trim.

Looks awesome! I love all those little hidden spots! Enjoy that pretty kitchen!

Wow, I just love it, the gray color is great, and that back splash.. LOVE! So many great ideas, congratulations on your new kitchen!


Oh it's beautiful! Love the colors and it's clean, sleek and inviting! Very nice!!!!

It's gorgeous! Great makeover and I love seeing all the DIY!

This looks awesome! I know it was a lot of work, but I'm sure it was so worth it!! I really like the fun green light hanging above the sink :) I've got bright green as an accent in my kitchen as well and love it! As far as the trim on the windows, I'd say leave it the same color as the rest of the trim. You can check out my recent kitchen remodel too at http://coleyscraftingcorner.blogspot.com/2012/06/kitchen-remodel-loving-gray.html :D This is why I know what you did was a LOT of work!!

WOW! The kitchen is gorgeous! I love the backsplash.
So, you like your Quartz? We are looking at Quartz (Silestone to be exact) for our basement bar and I am always interested in opinions of peoplea actually living with it as a countertop.

Oh Mandy it is fabulous! I love all of the detais. The slide out trash can, the haning lights make such a statement now. The toe kicks under the cabinets are genious. Love all of it!

I absolutely love the new tile and the painted cabinets!

Wow! it looks amazing! Love the backsplash. And trust me, we know what it's like to live without counters....we did it for a few weeks! :)

I really like the trash can idea. It is so cool! As for the trim, I think you should paint it. Don't worry about being so matchy. Could you tape up paint chips over the trim for a few days to see how you like it? Just a thought...

I love LOVE the kitchen! The backsplash is just my fave. So awesome! Great job. I am kind of shaking, thinking of all the work it entailed. You go, girl.

So beautiful! I absolutely love all of the features you put in it! That mosaic is super gorgeous and love the kids buttering the backs ;) I do think I would paint the window frames.

It looks awesome!!! So much more YOU! Love the splashed of green in the back splash! And all the chrome looking accents fits perfectly!

I LOVE it!!!! I agree with Trevor as well, the window trim is distracting. How about going white on those? White or the cabinet color-it would be beautiful either way, I just think white would make it pop a little...and in a good way. You guys did such a fantastic job though!

Oh my goodness Mand, I love it! The green and gray are so lovely and modern and the tile...Sigh. Gorgeous!

Thanks so very much for sharing on Show and Tell Wednesday!

xoxo, Tauni

Oh my goodness Mand, I love it! The green and gray are so lovely and modern and the tile...Sigh. Gorgeous!

Thanks so very much for sharing on Show and Tell Wednesday!

xoxo, Tauni

Oh my goodness Mand, I love it! The green and gray are so lovely and modern and the tile...Sigh. Gorgeous!

Thanks so very much for sharing on Show and Tell Wednesday!

xoxo, Tauni

Oh my goodness Mand, I love it! The green and gray are so lovely and modern and the tile...Sigh. Gorgeous!

Thanks so very much for sharing on Show and Tell Wednesday!

xoxo, Tauni

I'm with Trevor- paint the trim it sticks out. I do love everything else though! The toe kick drawer is the best!

Thanks for your kitchen remodel before and after photos and comments. I've never posted on something like this before, but I have a suggestion for your window trim. Have you considered tile? One of the colors or styles that you used in your backsplash would be nice. Maybe you could even use stainless steel. Great job! Thanks for sharing. (:

I'd LOVE to know the name of the green wall color. The whole kitchen looks wonderful!



Would you be willing to share the green wall color, the grey cabinet color and backsplash company name and style? I am in canada but hoping to do something like this in our 70's home. Thanks! jchealthyhands@gmail.com

I love the newly remodeled kitchen, as it looks tidier, more modern and sleeker. I also liked the idea that he made the storage cabinets look classier by using darker shade of wood. I would not mind having a kitchen like this, as I love to cook and woul usually spend a bit of time in the kitchen during my off days.

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