July 7, 2012

Facebook - figuring it all out...

Do you follow me on facebook?? (if not, go for it!) well, do you always see my posts?  Facebook has made changes recently, and it's kind of frustrating, but what can ya do, it's free and all.  I've noticed a couple of things (so read this whole post to find out both...)

FIRST  ---
Did you know that even if you follow me, you won't get all of my posts??  Facebook doesn't send all the posts of a page to all it's "likes" - crazy.  So, to ensure you don't miss out, check this out...

go on over to the Sugar Bee Crafts Facebook Page - see the box that is a checkmark and says like (below it's in navy blue) - - find that and hover over it (just keep your mouse on top of the box but don't click) and then that dropdown box will show up - - you will need to click "show in news feed" so that it has a checkmark next to it like mine - - then you'll always get Sugar Bee Crafts posts in your feed - not too hard, right??

Pictures have a greater weight than links.  I did a test run - here's a screen shot of my timeline:
On the right-hand side, I uploaded a picture to my FB page - it reached 20% of my likes/followers.  On the left-hand side, it's a FB post with a link (no image - the small picture is part of the link) and it only reached 5% of my followers.  So from here on out, I'll try to post more uploaded pictures to catch more of you.

And isn't it crazy that I have people who "like" my page and want to get updates from me (because why else would you "like" a page) but FB is only allowing my feed to reach 20% of those people - - frustrating!!!  Of course, I could pay an advertising fee to FB and they'll be sure that my feed goes to all my followers....sneaky....but then again, they provide FB for free, so I guess I can't whine too much...

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This is so very frustrating!! Even though I have checked 'show in newsfeed' I still don't always get all posts from the pages I 'like'.
To me it seems like you get posts from the pages you are active on....as in the ones where I press 'like' to an update or comment on a post.
So that is what I would say you should suggest your readers (like me ;-) to reach more people (that has already chosen you - arghhh) on Facebook.

I've found that not even this is effective, I was missing posts from my fave blogs. I discovered that if I made a list I started getting them all - if you're not sure how to do this email me at mellywoods5@gmail.com, I don't blog so I have no other way to share but I'm happy to help

I've heard photos carry more weight... Good to know! Thanks for sharing your test! ;)

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