July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Just had to give a quick birthday shout-out to Trevor, aka Mr. Sugar Bee....

I was thinking that blogland's gift to him could be a few more followers, so if you want to check out his blog and follow along, go for you - you won't be disappointed :)

Anyways, happy birthday babe!!  Finally as old as me :)  {You're awesomesauce}

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5 Fabulous Comments:

You two are so cute! I already follow you both! I can usually get my husband Sam to read Trevors posts, the only blog he'll even look at!

I sent the link to my husband when Mr. Sugar Bee started. My engineer husband will come home often telling me about how he read his blog and the witty things he read on it. So he's got at least one fan...but don't fret if it's one less follower, he doesn't follow my blog either though he reads it daily!

I love his blog. I couldn't get off of it! I just kept reading all the older posts! Good job Mr. Sugarbee ;)

Happy Birthday Mr. Sugar Bee!!! ;)

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