Yep, you read that right – KABOO. BAG. GIVEAWAY!  Get excited – -because look what showed up at my house…..

Have you heard about Kaboo Bags??  Cause they’re amazing.  The whole idea is that they’re a TECH BAG – which means they’re built to hold your tablet.  Brilliant!  I take my Galaxy Tab with me everywhere, and usually it would be juggling around inside of something, not safe at all.  But with my Kaboo Bag, I feel confident in transporting it.  Here’s the Tech Pouch Info, and to see it in action you can view the video here:

And look at all these amazing choices – wowza:

I have this one – and I’m in love with it!!  I surprised myself by picking a neutral color, but I figure I can liven it up with a wild flower clip and change them out as I please (kind of funny that the one I have on right now is neutral as well….)  And of course, it protects my Tab:

 My favorite parts – all the pockets!!  On the outside, on the inside, on the side – pockets in pockets – so much space to put things!

A peek inside….yes, that’s pink chevron you see…

And just in case you were amazed by how clean my purse is, don’t be – – this is what I pulled out of it so I could take pictures….

Now, what you’ve been waiting for – – look at this poor empty bag – just waiting to be filled and loved…. it could be yours!!  It is The Tina and you can read all about the specs HERE.

Let’s do a rafflecopter giveaway to get this bag home!  Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    I seriously LOVE this bag! It will hold a tablet nice and secure but also double as your purse/diaper bag! :-) This will definitely come in handy! Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I’m going to check the site out now!

  2. says

    Love this! Thanks for the review of the product…I always enjoy hearing another person describe features…gives me something to think about.

  3. says

    Oh wow…grrr…suddenly have cravings lol. I have been looking for a new bag and have been thinking to make something that’d be really cool to carry lots of things including a non-techie looking bag that would hide a netbook comfortably…so nice! And what a cute colour. Argh hehe :)

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