July 21, 2012

Lime Cupcakes - - WOWZA!!!

I have been eating the BEST. CUPCAKES. EVER!!  They are so yummy - and so easy to make!!

I used the recipe from Betty Crocker - their beauty shot (random, how do you get cupcake liners to look pretty after they're baked?  they must put the cupcake into a new liner or something....):
Key Lime Cupcakes

I didn't have key lime juice, so I just used fresh limes.  Since I didn't come up with the recipe, you'll have to head over to Betty Crocker for that.  But basically it's just a lemon cake mix and you throw in a box of lime jello and a few other things.  Then when it's done baking, you poke holes all over the top and pour a glaze over the cupcakes - mmmm, that's what makes them so good.
Then when the cupcakes have cooled and the glaze has settled, you top them with cream cheese frosting.  Super super good - give these a try!!

And in case you wonder how I take my pictures, it's nothing fancy....

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11 Fabulous Comments:

My husband loves Key Lime Pie and he loves cupcakes. This is sure to be a winner! I think they look lovely.

Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

These sound really good--especially the glaze! I love that you showed us how you take your pictures!

Just the thing for the sunshine that's suddenly appeared over here! And what a glamorous assistant you have! Thanks for sharing these..they are definitely being pinned! :)

Love your behind the scenes shot! Thanks for the photography insight!

Yummy! I may be drooling over here :)

I think the beauty shot ppl use 2 liners to bake in

Yummy! And what a cute post!

These sound delicious. I hope when you used fresh limes that they weren't key limes. Key lime just is so good but, with them being so small, it takes forever to get any measurable amount :)

Those sounds like they're amazing!!!

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