Neon Twisted Head Wrap

I have a super fun, super quick refashion project for ya today…a Neon Twisted Headwrap

Yep, you read that right.  As seen in my What I Wore Wednesday post, I’m trying to embrace a little neon, even after saying I wouldn’t! (same thing happened with skinny jeans…)  I think the best way to try out neon is in bits.

And it’s summer.  Which means I’m not doing my hair – and it’s crazy when it’s not flattened.  But why would I flatten it if I’m just going swimming.  So I don’t.  All summer.  So it gets pulled up in a makeshift ponytail, a lot!  I thought a fun way to add a hint of style and a hint of neon would be a headwrap – and I love it!

So, cut up an old tshirt.

Then, grab some fabric spray paint.  I used this that was sent to me from - I love the super bright colors!!

Then I took my two strips of fabric and scrunched them up – the top one is pre-scrunch and bottom one is how it needs to be:

When they were scrunched I sprayed them – it was pretty easy to use – mine had a few drips, but I kind of liked that effect so I added more.  Then I straightened them back out flat.  Their should be areas without paint.  Mine were pretty bright white, so I gave it another quick light coat of neon green.  This whole process took about a minute or two – it was really fast.

Then I assembled it using my DIY Twisted Headband Tutorial – it’s really simple!

And that was it!!  Here I am showing it off with my neon green lace cami peeking out – a fun but casual way to wear neon:

My kids are taking my pictures – here’s my “are you getting the headband in the picture” face:

But she did – – here’s a pretty good view:

 I found the key to wearing a head wrap is to have it pretty high on your head – like forward on your forehead almost.  And when you make it, take that into account – I actually made this one a little too small so it started to slip.  Since it’s so wide of a headband, I also found it helpful to cover my ears a little – but then again, I know I have big ears….speaking of, maybe this craft is a throwback to the “styles” of my childhood:

And speaking of childhood, this picture is pretty funny – I didn’t even know they took it until I downloaded the pictures from my camera and it popped up on the computer – too funny:

Anyways, back on track….whip yourself up a Twisted Head Wrap – you can do it!  and to make it extra fun, make it NEON!!

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(I was provided the spray fabric paint from free of charge, but the opinions are all mine)
Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Love it! It really does go so well with a cheeky peek of neon cami too – just enough brightness but not too overpowering so that we can still make out your lovely smile :)

  2. says

    Hi! Ms. So I Married a Craft Blogger! Just following your Mr Sugar Bees instructions. He is too cute! Enjoy his blog so much and yours is nice also :)

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