July 7, 2012

Photo Glimpse - the COLOR RUN!

Hey everyone - - remember each week I share a little bit of the non-crafty side of life.  If you're my fan on facebook (you're awesome!) you might have already seen this - but I ran (using that word loosely) in The Color Run last weekend - it was so fun!!
First off, I don't know why they called it the Color RUN - most people WALKED - which was fine.  I just want everyone who says "I'm not a runner" to realize they can do this!  We ran for about 1/3 of it, and I think we ran a lot more than most people.

Take your kids - you don't have to pay to register the younger ones - they'll love it!  Take lots of pictures!  We LOVED it!

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I am TOTALLY jealous! ! I wanted to do this so bad where I'm at, and it sold oyt before I even knew it had opened for registration! Boo!

I am TOTALLY jealous! ! I wanted to do this so bad where I'm at, and it sold oyt before I even knew it had opened for registration! Boo!

Ahh Mandy, I'm so glad you shared this. I'm doing the Columbus, OH run in two weeks and JUST started running (whoops! it's hard to run in 100+ weather, so I've been a little lazy about training). I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it and that a lot of people walked. I'm also glad you mentioned to bring the kids because we were trying to decide whether my mom should bring our son or not while we all "run". I'll be sure to post pics :)

A couple of my friends from work are going to do one of these color runs later in the summer when they come to St Louis. I'll have to share your post with them so they can see what they're in for! Thanks for sharing! It looks like you had a fun day :)

Looks so fun! I missed ours, it was in February cause it's waaaaay too hot here now!

The one in Richmond is this month but I am so fearful of the fact RUN is even in the title :/ Y''all looked like you were having a blast, I may have to grab my 8 year old and have some fun for the day.

Lydia @ The Adventures Of MommaLoo

Awesome! A running buddy got a team together for theone in Charlote in Nov. Im signed up and psyched!

That looks like fun! I would like to do a "run" like that. (I don't run lol) I keep trying to get hubby interested in a mud rum be so far it's not working. Maybe the color run will go over better lol :)

Sweet! And good for you!! I am running a Color Run in Des Moines in October and can't wait!

That looks so fun. I wish they did this in my town!

This looks like so much fun! I'm all for a run where you don't really have to run and can have fun doing it! haha!

I'm running it this Sunday so excited!

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