Photo Glimpse – DIY highlight

each week I give you a glimpse into the non-crafty side of life – – But maybe this is crafty – it is a DIY after all….

I tried to get in to a hair gal who I’ve heard amazing things about – of course she was booked solid.  And I spotted gray hairs (I know some of you are loving them – me, not so much).  And it was time to visit a bunch of family on vacation.  So what do you do the day before vacation??  Try to revamp your hair, of course…

So, I enlisted Kate to pull my hair through – I was aiming for the look on the box, but that’s never what the result is….

 it came out more all-over brassy blonde instead of the caramel highlights I was wanting….

Kate saw it and claimed “just don’t tell anyone I did that” – eh, I think it’s alright. It’s not quite as orange in real life.  Not the best, but whatever,  it’ll work.  I’m headed off to vacation, so no time to change it now… the side shot looks a little better than the front:

 When I get back maybe I’ll dye it back dark and the hair color life cycle will continue….

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  1. says

    Leave the dye on a bit longer next time. That should keep it from being so brassy. They make products that can tone that down, too. Did you have any dye on it before? That could impact the way the bleach processes.
    You’re still super cute!

  2. says

    Just buy toner shampoo. Its fairly inexpensive and works to keep the brassy-ness out. I’m naturally a red head and use toner shampoo every other week to keep my highlights blonde.

  3. says

    Dunno if it’s just that beaming smile you’re sporting in the “after” shot, but I reckon the colour has definitely lit up your face and made for a fresh new look. Nice :)

  4. says

    I think it looks fine, but If it came out more golden than you wanted it too, I think a toner helps mellow out unwanted brass. I have a hairstylist who contributes to my blog. Her name is Jodi. She answers readers hair questions. If you feel like asking you can email a question to She usually responds quite quickly! Sometimes it is is nice to have a stylist as a sounding board without an appointment! Happy vacation!

  5. says

    You are so much braver than I am. I only trust my hair to trained professionals…one too many bad home perms at a younger age I guess. I ditto everyone who recommended a toner shampoo (if it is still needed).

  6. says

    Oh geez, you two are just like your moms!!! I actually like it, and think it suits you. Remember when your mom had SUPER long hair, and after doing it herself she had to cut it all off for a bob? Now THAT would’ve been bad hair.

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