July 28, 2012

Pinterest - ORGANIZED!!

Well, since I organized my craft room, I thought I should keep the flow going with other areas of life.  But cleaning the house and closets isn't that appealing, so I turned my attention to my Pinterest Boards...

I only pin things I think I might actually make - there are TONS of cute crafts out there, but unless I think I'll make it, I won't pin it - for example, there's no reason for me to pin a car seat tent, even though they're super cute.  So I went through all my boards and re-evaluated and thought "will I make this?" and if I thought "no way!" then I deleted it.

Next up I went through and made sure each pin was on the right board - because sometimes I forget to change boards from one pin to another and things get stuck in the wrong spot.

And while I did that I noticed that some things I must really like - because I had them pinned more than once.  So I deleted all duplicates.

NOW - the ultimate question - what do you do with all the pins you've made??  Like you pin something so you can remember to make it, and then you make it - then what?  Do you delete it?  I didn't want to do that - I'm not sure why...  So I have a board called "ACCOMPLISHED THESE PINS - WAHOO!" and I move pins from their original board to that board when I finish them.  It's a morale booster because I have 73 things on that board - so I can tell myself that I really am doing something!!

Favorite Boards of Mine:
obviously, the one where I show off things - Projects by Me
Projects to Make
Projects to Sew
and then all my other boards are favorites too - these 3 just stick out above the rest.

So if you have a minute, organize your Pinterest Boards - it's liberating!

Do you need an invite to Pinterest?  Do they still even require that?  if so, I'll be happy to send you one.  Just email me, mandybeez at gmail.

And random, did you know there's a Man Version of Pinterest?? weird.

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I might be more likely to organize my pinterest boards than organize/clean up my craft room today! Thanks for giving me an easy project that makes me feel like I've accomplished something!

Good idea, Mandy! I have been guilty of pinning things I'm sure I'll never make, bake or sew (I don't even sew, ha ha!) ... off to tidy up my boards!!

I love tidying up my pinterest boards! And having a 'I've actually made it' board is a great idea. I started deleting my pins if I made them, but sometimes I want to go back to them and I don't have them anymore!

I did mine a while back and broke them into more specific categories instead of the big catch all ones I had. As you said, such a sense of accomplishment. And I find Im doing more of the projects because they are easier to find!

A man version of pinterest? Why can't they use the regular pinterest? :)

Thanks for the reminder. I am now logging in to my Pinterest account to do some cleaning up. I tend to get carried away with pinning. I know there are some projects I will never do. I'm gonnna clean those out.

thanks for the reminder and inspiration.

PS Your husbands blog is great! Nice to see things from his point of view, especially on the same topics/projects that you post on.

I am really careful with what I pin too! I only pin it if I really like it. Otherwise, it's called the Internet. haha.

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