Scooter and Bike Rack

If you have kids, you know of the pile of scooters and bikes that plaques us all…. well Trevor had enough one day.  He also had had enough of the pallet (because he loves pallets so much) I had rescued that was taking up room in the garage, so he solved two problems at once by making a Scooter and Bike Rack.

Scooters don’t stand on their own, so they for sure needed a rack.  Of course he didn’t take any how-to pictures, so you’ll just have to stare at these to see if you can figure it out.  I think he added some blocking to the top of the pallet to support the sides of the scooters:

 And then he also cut a section out of the front of the pallet so the front wheels can hang down into the pallet, letting the main part of the scooter sit flat:

We also have a couple of bikes that don’t have kick-stands, so they have a spot on the rack as well.  They are held up by their front tire resting in a groove made from blocking on the top of the pallet:

UPDATE – – Trevor just informed me that he did take how-to pictures – – so I guess I need to give him more credit – here ya go….

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    Well he IS a blogger now so he’s starting to get into the blogger got-to-document-it mode. Good for him – I sent the link to my husband and maybe he’ll make one for our garage :)


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