State Heart Art

When you have a craft blog, the pressure is on to give crafty gifts!  I knew I wanted to give my friend something nice for her wedding – – I think anything personalized is a boutique-type gift, so I wanted something personalized.  I came up with this State Heart Art – it was one of those projects that just kept evolving until it came out right (with only a couple of hours to spare before the wedding – phew!)

I knew I wanted to do the whole state heart plus thing – I just bought sketch pens for my Silhouette Cameo, so I wanted to use those.  I thought I’d whip it out, frame it and be done.  The sketch pens are where you take out your blade and replace it with a pen, so the machine draws instead of cuts.  Well, when it was done it wasn’t what I pictured – I thought the lines would be thicker – but they were more “sketched” and thin – I should have probably guessed that…

So, alternate plan.  I thought to make the line seem beefier, I could stitch around it.  So I first used a needle to poke holes all the way around the outside of the lines.  Then I just sewed in and out of the holes – kind of like a little kid’s lacing card:

Even with the hand-stitching, it didn’t seem big enough or fancy enough or something when I just stuck it in a frame.  So another change in plans.  I found a board in the garage and figured the gift would have more umph if it were mounted on a board:

 I had Trevor trim the board so it wasn’t so rectangle, then I painted it white.  Then I taped some stripes onto it – I thought stripes would add a little “fun” to the project.  Then I painted over the stripes with mod podge to prevent seeping (love that trick) then I painted on a couple of coats of gray.  Let dry and peel off the tape and you’ll get nice crisp lines:

 I wanted some hardware on the project, so I thought I’d attach the paper to the board with screws.  Trevor predrilled the holes for me in each corner of the paper:

 Then to give the paper more depth, I put a washer behind the paper as well as on top – – here you can see that:

 So when I attached the paper to the board into those holes, the paper stuck out from the board a little – you can kind of tell that here – I loved that detail:

To attach the frame to the board I just super glued it on.  That was it.  I guess you could screw it on from the back, but I was afraid that it would be misplaced and poke through the front or something.

Anyways, after all those different ideas, I finally liked the end result.  It was more work than my original plan, but I think it was worth it!

Need a personalized gift??  Give State Art a try!

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