Survey Results!!

Do you remember how I had you fill out a survey all about Sugar Bee Crafts?? - -I know, it’s been a while, but I am finally compiling the results, and I know you want to hear them….

(cute image from Chrissy! check out Boerman Ramblings)

30-39 40%
21-29 30%

GENDER: out of 243 answers for this question, 3 were men – who knew!

2 30%
0 26%
1 15%
and 2 people with more than 7 – you’re so brave and awesome!

$25,000-49,000  24%
$50-75,000 and $75-100,000 each 22%

college graduate 37%

through a link party 34%
been following so long I can’t remember 34%
Pinterest 14%

HOW DO YOU FOLLOW? (pick more than one)
blog follower 85%
Facebook 37%

HOW DO YOU READ the blog?
Google Reader 43%
Visit the blog 37%
Email 11%

FAVORITE TYPES OF POSTS? (pick more than one)
Craft Tutorials 87%
Sewing Tutorials 62%
Link Party 42%
and 4% said sponsored posts – I thought this would be 0%   :)

bottom of the post 65%

indifferent 44%
don’t like them at all 5%

one single blog comment 44%
Rafflecopter 33%

couple of times a day 35%
once a day 30%
don’t mind 3-4 posts a day 27%

love it! 46%
I skip over it 29%
spend time looking through all the links 28%

like them 84%

SO – what I got out of it – -I am going to try to cut back to posting only a couple times a day.  Whenever I post a sponsored post, I add that on to what I had scheduled, so before you know I had 3 or 4 posts a day. So I’ll aim for one great post a day, then one smaller post or a sponsored post or something in the afternoon – I don’t want to overwhelm everyone with excessive posting.  I will continue with the link party and the show off posts, because they seem pretty popular.  For giveaway entries I will try to either use Rafflecopter or a one-comment entry – maybe rotate between those options.  Anyways, super fun to find out who you are and what you prefer!!

Want to hear some of the comments and suggestions??  I LOVED reading them – you are all amazing!! ( I have you fooled into thinking I’m awesome – sweet!)

 LOVE your blog and your style!
Love your site, you motivate me to want to be a better blogger and person:)
one of my favorite blogs!
Your blog is one of my favorite reads :)

I love that you got your husband to start a blog. It makes your blog that much more fun. My husband always has his comments about things and he’s pretty funny, so it fun to see it also in blog form. And it shows your good relationship and people need to see that because there are so many messed up relationships. Gives people hope.

You are amazing. Your love for your family, creativity, amazing sewing skills inspire me daily! I also am awestruck at how you are not afraid to admit your mistakes. What a great quality to show your readers, you aren’t always (maybe only 99.9% of the time ;) ) perfect?! Keep up the great work, I love reading what you are up to!
Just tried the $1.00 bows and arrows…I think I impressed all the neighbor kids…all for $3.50!!! Thanks

I think you’re charming and so clever. Keep up the good work:)
I love your blog, I think you’re hilarious! I also enjoy your husband’s new blog – he’s hilarious too! :)

I wish I could comment on your posts without being forced to open a blogger (or something similar) account. (This goes for your husband’s blog too. I would love to tell him how funny he is, but I don’t want to open a blogger account to do so.)Many thanks for hosting a party each week. thinking about doing one on my blog, but I don’t have the computer saavy I think :-)

You’re hot
I love reading your blog. I cant believe how much crafting you get done while still being an amazing mom!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration.
I clicked that I don’t really pay attention to link parties, but it’s only because with 4 kids, I find myself without the time for them. I do like all the ideas that they gather together though and I love the highlights from them! I’ve noticed that when I use someone’s “pin it” button, it’s always pinned the blog, not the actual post I wanted, so I never use those. Nothing bugs me more than following a repin back to a blog and not the actual content that the picture was originally pinned from. Not sure if it’s just individual bloggers not doing the “pin it” button right or if it’s the button. I usually decide I want to pin something once I’ve finished reading the post, so the bottom would probably be best. Love your blog. As my life has gotten busier, I read less and less each day and yours is one I still read regularly.

I really enjoy your blog, I don’t blog but having had three children and been back at work quite a few years then having two babies, I had to “learn” how to be a stay at home mum again. Bloggers have saved my sanity and I thank you all for that :)
I follow several craft blogs through google reader and Sugar Bee is the only one that I read EVERY post from. I think it is so fun and I do like to think if we lived closer we would be best friends. :)

I know you need to keep some advertising contents in your posts to keep this going, but they are not enjoyable to me. I like your actual project posts
I’m now going to be a follower, sorry I wasn’t before when I took the survey (PS I would have liked a “This is my first visit to your site, but i will be following soon!” option, then I wouldn’t have felt guilty.

Love your blog, its one of the first blogs I started following :)
I like your husband’s blog, too.
Keep up the good work! I love your blog, your ideas, you are a talented and funny girl! It lights up my mood when I read your blog!

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