WIWW – color blocking

Let’s talk color blocking….

When my brother got married, my mom and I went to a bridal shower thrown by her side of the shower.  My mom showed up with no time to spare – I opened the door and we were dressed VERY similiar – but I had to run out the door.  How Embarrassing.  I think her family still talks about it!

So now that we were invited to a baby shower thrown by her side, I knew I needed to wear something my mom didn’t own – hence the choice for mint jeans! (and then I went straight from there to meet my my family and others at a local baseball game – hence the crazy picture)

If you remember back in my post dedicated to every-day ways to wear mint jeans, I went with color blocking in three colors – mint, yellow and pink (see below) – I did that above but instead of a pink shirt I just accessorized in pink.  I think that’s an easier way to color block – 2 clothing colors and then the 3rd color is in accessories.

On Sunday I wore this dress that I’ve had forever but I still love it – which is funny because I don’t really like the color red – anyways, the dress is super cozy and easy to wear – love that.

Any outfit thoughts for me today?? How do you do color-blocking? 2 colors? 3?  I need tips!

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    Yeah, I like the top one the best too. My color blocking consists of (usually) brown and khaki or brown and army green or black and army green or black and khaki. I never tire of those colors. :-)

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    Much better idea to have the white top and accessorise with pink. Love the thought of her family still talking about the fashion faux pas, made me chuckle x

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