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For What I Wore Wednesday this week, in honor of 4th of July – – let’s take a look back at flag shirts of the past…yep, we’re on 11 years and counting – – super awesome, or super dorky, but either way let’s take a glance, a walk through the years of our lives, if you will – – note how the kids just keep coming! (you might wonder at the “yellow”year, but yep, they’re flag shirts Old Navy was thinking outside the box in 2005…)

Since I’m too lazy to redo the collage, this is 2010:

And this is 2011:

And how about a big shout-out for 2012!! errrr..

haven’t gotten there yet – – don’t worry, we have the shirts – got them weeks ago when they first showed up in Old Navy.  But my older 2 kiddos are off on vacation with their grandparents right now, so we can’t get a family picture – I didn’t think ahead enough to take a picture before they left – so it’ll be coming, don’t worry…

We’re not the only ones who buy these shirts, right??…

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    I used to by the shirts along with my mom, sister and aunt. Now we just buy a patriotic shirt from anywhere. I got mine from Kohl’s this year. Little Bit is where one from Wal-Mart. lol But I did make her a skirt that she wore yesterday since I knew today would be play day with Nana.

  2. says

    We have been doing the Old Navy shirts for 13 years now! Thank you for posting so I can show my husband we aren’t the only ones! :)

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