July 25, 2012

WIWW - neon

So, who here is embracing the neon trend.  I said I wouldn't, cause it's so odd - - but, like anything, now that it's been here a while, I'm kind of liking it - in doses.

I got this super cheap neon green cami and wore it under a white shirt - I thought it was the right amount of neon...

And then this upcycled tshirt skirt I had kind of forgetten about - but it has neon green in it as well - - so I guess I was ahead of the trend last year, who knew!  I put this on because I thought it was Thursday and that I had a church meeting and a couple of places to go - then it turned out it was Wednesday - oops - I got all cutely dressed for nothing - oh well, at least it was comfy!
It's hard to tell, but I'm wearing big giant leather leaf earring things that are the same color as the woven brown leather belt.  I thought if I had brown sandals it would pull it all together.  IF.

So, what are your thoughts on Neon?  Should I give it more of a chance??

And random, but I'm catching up on my emails from vacation, and there's a sale at eShakti -- remember, it's my new favorite place to buy a dress because you can order it to custom fit AND the prices are super reasonable - - anyways, I have a code to share for 10% off, it's "MAN9LER" - and you can use that on the Sale dresses that are already 40% off - wahoo!  I would pick this...

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I love neon. I recently made a hot pink neon belt. I agree with you taht neon is great, but in a smaller portion.

Neon totally reminds me of growing up in the eighties. I feel like the universe is trying to get me back into my lace cuffed leggings, neon shirt with matching puffy bow. I think that small doses are perfect. I love how you layered it! =)

I've bought a little bit of neon this summer, too. It still seems strange to wear it. Umm, did you notice that you AREN'T wearing those brown sandals you mentioned?

I haven't embraced the neon trend yet... But I like your slight pops of neon. Not so much a fun of the complete neon outfits some people are wearing... too 80s for me thanks. :)

I'm not a big fan of the neon trend. It's weird to see neon everywhere. However, small doses of neon... I love.

I think your outfit with the neon cami is just perfect!

Vault Denim has some new stuff coming really soon with neon stitching... they're adorable.

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