July 11, 2012

WIWW - Red White and Blue edition

Want to check out What I Wore Wednesday, patriotic style??

First up, I was on the local morning show on 4th of July - - so since it was a holiday, I didn't want to be too dressy, but I didn't want to just show up in a flag tshirt - - I found this cute white shirt at Target - it's basically a tshirt, but with a little cowl interest at the neckline which fancied it up a little - I thought it made for a good look:

 And in case it was your dream to see me live, here's the clip from the news:

And here's what I wore the rest of July 4th - no surprise:
And here's my church red-white-and-blue outfit - - I wore the chevron pencil skirt that I made out of red striped fabric, with a navy shirt - - very patriotic:
Do you love Red White and Blue??  I do!!

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13 Fabulous Comments:

You do a great job on tv! BTW Stop changing Trevors blog! Sorry as one of Trevors followers I felt I had to stick up for him. He he.

That Chevron skirt is adorable! Love the whole outfit :)

That is one killer red and white skirt! I would dress like there was a parade every day with that one! Very cute!

I wore those same shorts on 4th of July :) I Love them!

Lovely red, white and blue outfits especially that chevron pencil skirt is fabulous!

Juneli from Fashionably Yours

I love those jeans in the top picture! Where did you get those? Such cute outfits, by the way. :)

Ok, I am totally in love with the red chevron skirt! Where did you find it? Really super cute.

I can't believe you made this skirt. It is too cute! Love it!

Can't believe you made that skirt! I love it!!! (Fab outfit altogether too)

So patriotic of you! :) I love that skirt!!! And the first outfit is just enough fourth but not too much! Perfect!!!!

Great looks! I love that skirt!

The bag under the bench. Have we seen this before? I'm intrigued! Tell me more about it please!

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