Awesome People – and calling for Contributors

I have a big announcement - – Sugar Bee Crafts is looking for some awesome people – yep, I’m opening the blog up for contributors.

Contributors are different than guest posts (but I’ll be doing a guest posting series in the fall – I know lots of you want to be part of that, so I’ll keep you updated) because they are going to be a monthly feature, not a one-time guest.  Contributors and their blogs will be listed as such under the About Tab on my blog.  I am looking for a 6 month commitment, so September through February.    You will be responsible for writing one post a month for those 6 months in your area of expertise.  I am looking for passionate crafters who will be responsible and have great posts with detailed tutorials ready and scheduled.

I am looking for Contributors in the following areas.  I am not an expert in these areas and I know there are several of you that excel in these areas, so I would love to showcase you.
–Food Contributor – monthly recipe
–Kids Crafts Contributor – monthly kid-friendly craft
–Party Contributor – monthly party idea/party decor tutorial

If you are interested in applying to be a contributor, please send an email to mandybeez at gmail with the following information:
-which Contributor position you’re interested in
-link to a blog post to show a sample of your work
-Brief paragraph on why you think you’ll be a great fit as a Contributor on Sugar Bee Crafts
The deadline for applying is August 29th, so a pretty quick turnaround.
Can’t wait to read through them!

In Other News….

Do you ever scroll to the bottom of my blog?  If so, you already know these people and that they’re awesome – they love commenting and I love comments! (ignore that I’m on my own list – that’s from commenting to reply to those of you that I can’t reply to in my email) – – you can click on everyone’s name and check out more about them….

fabulous readers

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  1. says

    I agree with those above….I love that you showcase the ones that comment often! So appreciative! :) I would love to be a contributor on your blog…but I have crafting ADD and can’t concentrate on just one area. lol

  2. says

    I would love to be a contributor in the Food area, but my daughter is having surgery in September and don’t know how long I would be gone so I wouldn’t be able to commit for that month anyway. I’m excited to see all the guest/contributor posts coming up though! And I love that you made your own “Awesome” list! haha.

  3. says

    I read you, every post, but I have to say I comment on your husbands blog more. He is so much fun to banter at. He even visited me one day! I was so honored!

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