August 9, 2012

Bleached Number Shirt (take 2)

You may remember that I did a tutorial on a bleach number shirt when my toddler turned 3 last fall.  Well, when shirts were on sale for $2, I just had to buy some - so I thought I'd whip up another bleached number shirt, this time for my oldest.  So, if you missed it the first round, I want to show you a quick and easy way to personalize a tshirt - - the Bleach Number Shirt:

You'll need a tshirt, some bleach and a foam brush, and some vinyl or freezer paper or contact paper.

Use the vinyl/freezer paper/contact paper to make a big number.  I used contact paper because I had a scrap laying around.  I got fancy and made my number inside a circle with a strip running down the whole length of the shirt, but you can do whatever you'd like.  The kids LOVE that the shirt states their age - makes the shirt more unique and personal.

Press the contact paper (mine is cream speckled in the picture) down into place:
 Use a foam brush to apply the bleach.  This time I used straight bleach and it started turning really quickly:

Last time I did this I watered down the bleach and I had to stick the shirt out in the sun and wait 20 minutes for it to turn.  Meanwhile, I used lots of the watery bleach mixture and with it sitting so long it seeped under my contact paper a little.  Which turned out neat too - they're just different looks.  Here's the previous Bleach Number Shirt post (the purple area is where it seeped) :

Compare that to this one that only took a few minutes to turn.  So I pulled the contact paper off and rinsed it right away, not giving it time to seep.  Then I threw it in the washing machine for a quick cycle.  See how the lines are crisper (ignore that spot where I dripped bleach - doh!) :

My son is actually away with his grandparents right now, so I grabbed my cousin for a quick model in case you wanted to see the shirt actually on a boy:
And let's look at the shirt once more  - cause I just love how it turned out!!
And a random roundup in case you're interested.....
Some other boy style posts you'll find at my blog (click the pictures to find the tutorials):
 And some fun boy crafts:

Anyways, grab some bleach and a shirt and go try it!!

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15 Fabulous Comments:

How fun! I'm gonna give that a go!

Perfect timing and very cool. I bought everything to try this technique. Hope to give it a shot, maybe on Sunday.

What a nifty idea! I definitely will be trying this! Sounds so easy...although I'll probably dump the bowl of bleach on the shirt or something! I'm one of those clumsy ones:)

I hate bleach and think it very dangerous.... but this is super cool! Maybe I should rethink bleach and find a well ventilated area :)

I've been dying to try this. I recently purchased a bottle of bleach gel,made for special washing machines, sorry can't remember which type. Anyway I haven't tried it yet but I thought it would be great for projects like this here's hoping!!

BTW, your shirt is totally cute!!

Love that design! Perfect!

Painters tape (beigh colored) works great too for straight lines

Painters tape (beigh colored) works great too for straight lines

This is cool. I like that it is a fun style option for boy clothes!

This is awesome! I always have plenty of cute ideas for my daughter's clothing but very few for my sons', so I'm excited to find something I can make for them. Thanks for sharing.
Bonny @

Honestly I don't usually like bleach shirts all that much, but this one is SO CUTE. I want to make some for all my boy. I featured this on my blog last night.

That is REALLY COOL! Nice job! :-)

I love what you did with your shirt and have featured it in my post as one of ten ways to redesign t-shirts:

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