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I thought I’d stick with the t-shirt theme, continued from yesterday.  This time it’s the kids’ turn to create.  I bought blank white shirts in preparation for an afternoon of tie dye, but when I showed them their options, they all gravitated towards the Fabric Spray Paint that came from www.FashionArtProjects.com so we’ll have to save the tie dye for another time.

Anyways, I hadn’t used the fabric spray paint much before this, but it was pretty fun.  First I asked if any of the kids wanted to spray around a decal, etc – my oldest has a #6 on the front and the youngest has a “W” – I just cut them out of contact paper and stuck them to the shirt before spraying.

It was easy enough the kids could do it.  A couple of cans started spraying more “splattery” than “misty” but I thought that was part of the overall look.

Then we just let them sit in the sun to dry (noticing too many shirts?  The neighbors joined in on the fun.)

The boys ones are a little stiff, mainly because they drenched their shirts in paint.  The girl ones just feel like any other tshirt.

And that’s it!  Just wait a few days before washing.  I love the neon and think these shirts are pretty “in” for being handmade.

It was a fun, end-of-summer activity – – you can do it!  Go try some fabric spray paint yourself!

I was provided the paint from www.fashionartprojects.com but all opinions are my own.  Check them out.

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    We did this with all the kids at my daughter’s birthday party and the kids loved it! It was so easy to do and clean up after.
    Your kids’ shirts turned out great! I’m enjoying reading through your blog. I’m linking via the Nap Time Crafters linkup party.
    Rhiannon at Being Mom{me}

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