August 30, 2012

Family Name Sign

As mentioned earlier today, I took our blah living room wall to a fab Gallery Wall.  Part of that was a revamp of our family sign, to it's new updated self:

This was what it used to look like before:
It was a cream sign with vinyl letters stuck to it and then on top of that, kind of hard to see in the picture, in white vinyl script letters it says "Established 2001".  I think that using vinyl on a board was a 5-years-ago thing, and now it seems everyone has the letters painted on.  So that's the method I used for the updated look.

First I peeled off all the old letters and painted the whole board black.  Then I stuck down some contact paper that I had cut with my Cameo (I use contact paper because it's cheap, but you can use vinyl if you want).  Then I of course used my favorite trick to have crisp lines - paint over the sticker with Mod Podge.  If anything seeps, it will be the clear mod podge, not the paint color.  Perfect:

After that dried, I painted over the whole board with some Martha Stewarts paint (I can't remember the colors I mixed) that have this amazing pearly shine.  After that dried completely (the next day), I peeled the letters, revealing the black paint from underneath:

I then cut another stencil of words that said "Est. 2001" and painted that turquoise layer on top of everything.  I almost went with "circa 2001" but it didn't seem quite right:

That was it - - I think the sign is much more updated!  Looks great topping the Gallery Wall:

So if you don't have a family sign, grab a scrap piece of wood and make one - you can do it!!

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I love this idea! I may have to try this! Your colors are awesome and this whole set up is so welcoming and inviting! If i were there in person I would want to get up real close. <3

I like the new sign and that sofa! looks so comfy:) It all looks great.

what a great baby gift or wedding too I guess. Love it thanks for sharing this. I am going to pin it!!

Love this Mandy! I have been waiting for some family pictures to do a gallery wall in my living room I have moved so many times it's been forever since I have ahd family pictures displayed in my house. I might just have to make me a family sign now too!

Love it! I might just have to go get that silhouette ... I might have to make one of those for my wall. Thanks for sharing how you did it, I wouldn't be sure where to start. ;). Happy long weekend to you!

love the modge podge trick! thanks for sharing!

You my friend just saved Christmas! I have a pile of messed up Welcome signs on my workbench I can't give as gifts because the paint bled under the stencil. I'm trying your Mod Podge technique after I sand those bad boys down for Round Two.

I had my kitchen cabinets professionally painted and distressed a few years ago. I watched the painters do the same thing to avoid bleed through at the ceiling. They put up blue painters tape and then painted a thin line of matte polyurethane along the edge of the tape where it met the cabinets. After the painting process was finished, they pulled off the tape and voila, no bleed through on the ceiling. The polyurethane had sealed the seam. However, not keeping polyurethane on hand, I will use mod podge in the future.

WAHOO! Thank you! This is great! I have three projects doing similarly, coming up very soon, and was concerned about the paint bleeding under.

I have a black board ready for this project. Thanks for the tutorial and tip about mod podge.

What font did you use for your name?

What font did you use for your name?

that's a great question - - sorry I can't remember!

What do you use to cut your words out?

I have a Silhouette Cameo machine - I love it!

After the modge podge dries.. and you put a layer of paint over that....are you able to do any distressing??

Hi Mandy! Great idea about the mod podge. I cut out a great contact paper stencil with my Silhouette and used the mod podge. Then I painted and I still had paint bleeding. Help! Any tips or techniques, or steps that I might be missing would be so helpful. Thank you! Tara

Hmmm, I'm not sure.... was the contact paper really rubbed down and stuck to the wood? Maybe try 2 layers of mod podge?? sorry it still bled a little for you!

I have trouble when I peel off the stickers, the paint underneath will peel off in places. Any ideas on what I can do to stop this from happening?

Did you let the paint dry completely before sticking anything to it? I also wonder if it depends on the type of paint, etc.

I love the colored frames on the walls. Where did you get those?

I love the colored frames on the walls. Where did you get those?

From Cut It Out Frames and then painted them - love them!!

Hi there! The other trick you can use to accomplish this is to simply paint the background color again, rather than Mod Podge. (Of course, this only works if you have the background color on hand.)

Fantastic! I love the colors you picked out the blue really pops. It's great!

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