Help This Basement

She’s doing it again – – Mandi is picking someone for an Epic Room Makeover – and here’s to hoping it’s me…  because my basement is begging:

It just needs to be a part of this…

Dear Mandi, reasons to pick me:
  • my basement is awful.  boring awful.  it needs some Mandilicious brought to it, stat!
  • I am up for anything – ANYTHING!  
  • I bet you’ve always wanted to check out Kansas City and all it has to offer – now’s your chance.
  • I will blog my heart out about the fabulousness you bring to my house. And Trevor will probably blog about how it’s crazy :)   – but if there are tools involved, he’s in!
  • I can’t be left to do it myself – I never finish remodel projects!!
Case in point, I was gung-ho last year when I didn’t get picked to just redo my bedroom myself – and of course it’s still not done – I need pillows sewn, decor hung on the walls, new lampshades – I always drop out when it comes to the details:

I do feel like some parts of my home are awesome, like my kitchen we redid earlier this year (Kitchen Reveal Post can be found here)

And the dining room that I’m still putting finishing touches on….

But my basement doesn’t have any sort of awesome – it obviously needs lots of help.

Maybe I can even get this unbelievable pallet stadium seating…..

© Alexandre Dotta via TreeHugger

So here’s to hoping I can get your vote!!

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