August 23, 2012

Individual Laundry Buckets - and Silhouette Promo

You know I love my Silhouette Cameo - - the main reason is for the ability it gives me to personalize things.  Everything I make on it is custom to how I want it, what I want it to say, etc.  And not to mention that it will use any font from your computer - that is my favorite feature!  You can find tons of projects I've done with my Silhouette and my Cameo HERE.

In case you don't have a cutting machine and are thinking of getting one - this is one of their most popular deals - a machine, 2 rolls of vinyl, and a roll of transfer tape, for only $269.99.  If you already have a machine or want to hand-cut some vinyl for a project, all of their vinyl is 40%.  Use the code "SUGARBEE" to get those discounts.

If you remember, I've already used vinyl all over my washer and dryer and laundry room door:

Now, on to my latest vinyl project for the laundry room - - it's actually still in the works....
Quite a while ago I saw this amazing system over at AnaWhite's Blog:

I thought it was perfect and quickly added it to the massive list of to-do projects for Trevor.   Well, it didn't get done.  Then on vacation we were browsing through IKEA (because we don't have one and that's what we do on vacation) we spotted a sliding shelf thing that was super similar, and went the easy route and bought it instead of recreating our own.  The buckets are smaller than laundry baskets, but that's better for the kids.

Each child has 2 buckets - the theory is that one is in their room and one is in the laundry room in the shelf thing.  Then when they bring down the dirty clothes from their room, they take up the bucket full of clean clothes.  Theory.

So I recently labeled a bucket - I still have lots more to go - but wanted to give you a sneak peek.

I used navy vinyl on a roll.  When you use it on a roll you can feed it through with or without a cutting mat - here I used a mat because that's how my rollers were set and I was too lazy to change them:
Pull it out, cut it, and "weed" it, which means pull out all the negative space.

Then stick on transfer paper - you can reuse it, so keep that in mind.  Here I'm piecing together scraps:

Then peel the back off of the vinyl.  It will hold it's position because it's still stuck to the transfer tape - that stuff is genius.  Then place where you'd like, press firmly, and peel off the transfer tape.  That's it!

See how nice and crisp it cuts those small details - love that:

Hopefully soon I'll reveal the whole shelf and a few more little tweaks I'm working on to complete my mini-laundry room makeover.

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Thank You! I am just breaking in my new Cameo and I used the Vinyl offer!!

I saw those same laundry basket shelves and pinned them for my hubby to make! Once we get a larger house that is :)

Love the lettering on your basket. What is the font?

Ditto, what Shelly said. I love that font. Perfect selection! Project looks great!!

I love that you can use vinyl to ad bright pops of color just about anywhere!

Love this idea! I really need to start using my Silhouette more! I'm really new to this whole vinyl cutting and all and now i really want a silhouette machine, but I have one question... I got the cricut as a gift but haven't gotten around to using it (my bad!). Can i do some of this with it??? Sorry fir my ignorance!! ;)

I've never used a Cricut, but you can cut vinyl with it, so yes! You can only cut images that you have on a cartridge, so I think you buy an alphabet cartridge to cut letters/words, a flower cartridge to cute flowers, etc. Good luck!

sorry everyone, I'm slow to respond, but the font is called Rio Grande - it was a free download, but I can't remember where I got it from. Good luck!

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