Magnetic Photo Holder

Have you seen these Magnetic Photo Holders – – it’s kind of like a picture frame, but not really.  It’s a piece of sheet metal, and then you put pictures on it by using magnets.

I have made a couple of sets of these to sell in a local boutique and realized that I never did a post about them.  And of course I’ve already made them – but I’ll try and tell you how….

I bought my sheet metal from Pick Your Plum – so maybe keep your eye out to see if they run that deal again – I have a handy button on my sidebar that shows the deal of the day…. (I don’t know why I can’t get it to center….)

Anyways, then I got a 2×4 and had Trevor cut it for me, into chunks that were about the size of the sheet metal.  Then I needed him to cut a slit into the boards.  He got fancy and angled the blade on his table saw so that the cut looks like this – that way the sheet metal leans back just a little – it’s perfect:

I was going to stain the boards, but when I looked outside it was raining, and it was spray stain so I needed to be outside – so I just went au-naturale.  Then I use vinyl to label them – – my favorite might be the chalkboard vinyl – you could even hand-cut that instead of using a cutting machine.  Anyways, other ideas are: friends, best buds, grandkids, photos, etc.

I made a whole set of “we love daddy” for father’s day and they were a hit.  Here’s a sample of how the magnets hold the pictures on:

I think that these would be perfect for a photo display on a desk at work.  Anyways, they weren’t hard to make – go try it!

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