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Coming back from a few days out of town, my to-do email is packed with tons of deals I need to alert you to – and I want to pass all that info along, so here we go…

But first – I can’t take it anymore - it’s time to get a Smartphone.  The sole reason: Instagram.  Yep, I MUST get in on that fun.
SO – thoughts – Android or iPhone?  Let’s hear it – I know you have strong opinions.

My thoughts:
Galaxy S III – runs on the Android system, as do all our other devices, so I can share apps I already bought, etc.
iPhone – it seems very controlled (all their own apps, etc) but you can buy sweet add-ons like this cover with functioning lenses:

And on to the random deals you want to know about….

Silhouette Promo has been EXTENDED – awesomesauce!  It runs from now til Aug 22nd, so one more week – just ignore the end date on the image, because the correct one is Aug 22nd and I’m too lazy to update the picture:

DownEast Basics is having a sale on my favorite things til Aug 26th:

Fill your drawers with our extensive collection of women’s layering tees and camis from DownEast Basics, all for 30% off! Constructed using super soft fabrics, our selection of tees includes cap sleeve, short sleeve, half sleeve, and long sleeve styles in a variety of colors. Choose from scoop neck or v-neck tees or tanks and cami styles with lace embellishments at the top or bottom hem. Use promo code ‘TEES30‘ to redeem.

AND FYI, From July 16th through August 26th, enjoy Free Shipping on all orders over $100! Combine this offer with the amazing sales listed above! Enter promo code ‘SHIP100‘ at checkout to redeem.

eShakti – my new favorite place to buy dresses because they are custom made for your specific fit (remember, I got one that was smaller on top, and got to pick a custom length and sleeve) – has a special promo code MAN9LER especially created for you to get 10% off when you shop at eShakti – valid till 31st August, 2012. This code can be used in addition to the other offers online.  
And oh my, look at this chambray one – and then since it’s buy 1 get 1 50% off, I might need two:

Lifestyle Crafts has dies for your hand-crank machine at 35% off – plus if you use code SUGARBEE you get an extra 20% off, so that’s a total of 55% off – awesome.

Wowza, it is sure deal time!  Anyways, take advantage of them.  And then let me know which phone you think I need.

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  1. says

    The battery life of the Galaxy just doesn’t compare to the iPhone. I couldn’t make it through a whole day without charging on the Galaxy but the iPhone gets me through just fine.
    The iPhone has a significantly better camera too.
    The new iPhone is rumored to be out the end of September an it’s supposed to have a larger screen, so you could wait and have the best of both worlds.

  2. says

    120% iPhone… And the talk is the brand new iPhone 5 is coming out either end of aug-beginning of sept

    My husband had an awesome droid for his work phone and ended up returning it for an iPhone cause the whole world is iPhone friendly! Even at our store, we have a bunch of iPhone cases and clutches, They really don’t make a lot for any other phone, also if you have an iPad or mac book the Icloud will sync everything together

  3. says

    Hubby has an HTC android. Daughter and SIL have iphones. All three love their phones. I looked at everything and decided iphone 4s was for me. As a new blogger, I depend a lot on my Canon camera. It broke this summer and I have had no problem using iphone for my blog photos. I also love instagram!!! I think it is sturdier than other smart phones too, which is an issue for me because I tend to be hard on phones.

  4. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Galaxy IIIS. The battery life in the new version is actually greatly improved over some of the older Droids. I can play Angry Birds for 3+ hours before I have to charge. My Incredible 2 would die in an hour. I also love that it automatically knows when I’m around a WiFi connection that it knows and it connects to the network to save data. The fact that you have Droid devices already is also a plus to buying the Galaxy IIIS because you will not have to repurchase any you already own under your Google account. The voice to text is also MUCH better than it ever has been in previous Droid versions. Did I say I LOVE my Galaxy? :)

  5. says

    I have used iphones for a little over 2 years and never had a complaint, but when we moved to germany i couldn’t take the iphone with me it was linked to at&t, so I took the opportunity to get a different phone…Samsung galaxy sIII. At first i hated it…it works differently then an iphone. The iphone is more simple and easy to use. But with such simplicity come restrictions and 3 days later I already love my samsung, it doesn’t have as many apps, but you can do some much more with it and the camera is actually the same MP as iphone 4s, but has more features then the iphone like 20 sec pictures. I like my galaxy maybe better then my iphone.

  6. says

    I’ve used both and my samsung galaxy nexus wins a million times over. Possibly a billion. People will argue with me when I say this, but don’t listen to them: for all intents and purposes, the android can do everything an iphone can do, but the reverse is not true. there’s the removable memory card, for one. very handy. and then my screen is like twice as large. I can get all the apps that I would ever want or need. Maybe in the past iphone had better apps, but that’s no longer the case. My battery lasts the whole day and then some (and I am always on IG and google reader) The absolute only thing that is better about an iphone is the variety of cases out there. But you’re a crafty gal. Get yourself a nice gel-lined hard case and attack it with some nail polish stencils or vinyl or something. Your husband can question the sanity of phone case decor on his blog :)

  7. says

    Oh my word, is the eShakti for real!!?!? I am 6’1″ and have a terrible time finding things to fit, plus don’t like them without sleeves. And they are very reasonably priced considering all that, wow, THANKS A MILLION! :)

  8. says

    Lisa, I bought my first eshakti dress in June for exactly that reason – sleeves when I wanted them and a longer dress too. I love mine. Looking to buy another.

    In the smart phone front, I love my droid bionic. Battery life is good and all the things I have wanted for apps have been downloadable from Google Play. Have fun buying your new smart phone.

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