August 18, 2012

Photo Glimpse - First Day of School

each week I post a glimpse into the non-crafty side of life through photos - I love sharing them with you

My kiddos went back-to-school on Wednesday - it's always an exciting time of year.  This year I have a 4th grader, 2nd grader, and one in Kindergarten.  And then I will be doing a preschool co-op (where the moms take turns teaching, so there's no cost) with my youngest.  I know it will be a great year.

I missed the first day of school - I did get to talk to the kids that morning while I was waiting in the airport - but Trevor and my mom filled in great and took lots of pictures - they even used chalkboard signs, so they're right on top of things.

 And the group shot:

And of course the "crazy face" picture, which Mr. Here Comes Trouble snuck into:

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Pre-school co-op! I've never even heard of that. What an awesome idea!

Great pictures! Your children are beautiful. I must admit the last picture is the one I like most :) I'm all for silly faces. Where did the summer go??? My kiddos start school the 27th!

Such cute little kiddies =) I love the silly pose the best!

So cute, love the little signs that show what grade!!!

My Dad use to take on of these each year. I still have them and I love so see them. My little brother and sister in their little uniforms.

It is actually super special for me to have now as an adult.

Aw! Well done dad and grandma!!! :) I've heard those mom co-op preschools are really good! My sister in law does one and my niece really enjoys it!

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