August 3, 2012

Ruffled Hairclips

In case you missed my guest post a few weeks ago, I was a Sewlebrity (crazy, I know!!) - -

 I want to share a Ruffled Hairclip with you today.  It's a great way to try ruffling if you've never done it before - try something new!

You'll need just a few things:
--hairclips - I use the Salon Alligator clips - buy them at a beauty supply store in bulk and they're cheaper
--scrap fabric
--sewing machine, etc
--hot glue gun

Rip the fabric into strips - you'll need 2 strips but I show 4 because I made 2 clips (a matching set in case of pigtails) - one strip of fabric is about 1 inch wide and the other is about 3/4 wide.  They'll need to be about 6-7 inches long.
 Layer the skinnier strip on top of the wider strip, as shown:

Now the fun part - ruffling!  You'll want to increase the stitch length on your sewing machine to as big as it'll go - mine is set to "4.0" - - then sew right down the middle of the stack of strips.  Don't backstitch at the front or back or your sewing.

The long stitch makes the fabric easier to gather and create a ruffle.  Hold a thread (either the top or bottom - it shouldn't matter) and push the fabric so it'll slide along the thread, as shown:

 Once it's all gathered in the middle (the ends don't need to be too gathered) put a generous line of hot glue on the backside and attach your clip:

Then wrap the ends around and glue those down as well, as shown:

 Cut any excess strings, and that's it!!  You learned to gather to make a ruffle - congrats!  And it makes a super cute clip!

Even for grown-ups....

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I saw these Mandy, they are so cute. And you look fab darling, simply fab. HA!

I have a question for you about your photo studio area - it always looks so clean and professional! How do you have it set up???

Talk soon!
- Jess

This is great you guys look so cute I hope you can come by and link up to my first blog hop! You can win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

LOL Mandy it looks supercute on grown ups just because you're supercute! Don't think I can pull this one off myself. A lovely simple DIY though, it's great! :)

So cute! I love the ruffles!

Ok! Off to make some more hair clips! I watch three different kids, all girls, all with blond hair :) I've definitely been spoiling them!

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