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remember each week one of YOU makes picks from the link party – if you would like a turn, just email me, mandybeez at gmail

Hi Sugar Bee Readers!  I’m so excited to be showing you my reader favorites this week.  Like ridiculously excited.  There’s a reminder set in my phone’s calendar because last week I was sure it was my week and was going to be horribly late.  I had a straight up blog panic attack that I had missed my chance!

I’m PJ.  I blog at My Life: Planned In Pencil.  My blog is a modpodge of crafts, lists, life and random tidbits that strike my fancy… and I’m find with that because I love me some Mod Podge!
A huge thank you to Mandy for hosting this each week, I love discovering new blogs and ideas each week through this Link Up.  New friends are my favorite thing.
Enough chatting… let’s see what I went EEEEEP! over today.
Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers redid an overly used tray into a super chic piece
DIY Tray Transformation

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons shared this super cute peach parrot, I’ve shared this with my friends that have picky eaters because how could you be picky about eating something so cute!

Bridgett at osie moats created this adorable teal ladder, I want to make one for my bathroom which has NO storage space and hang towels on it!

Ellen at Ellens Creative Passage spoke to the traveler in me with these map lampshades
Jennifer at Jennifer’s Mentionables showed me what I can do with my absolute hoard of glassware, and the brilliant bit was the plastic cup inside each vase to keep the color secure….  I’m doing this, probably tonight.
Jessi at Practically Functional wrote a great post about harvesting herbs… wonderful if you have a black thumb, like me!
How to harvest your herbs
Alyssa at What’s Cooking Love shared this recipe for Yellow Squash Penne I think squash is the most under utilized item in the grocery store… hurray for a new use for a yummy vegetable
Julie at Stars and Sunshine made a clay letter bowl.  I’ll tell you why I love this… my last name starts with V, next time you’re at the store just try to find ANYTHING monogrammed with a V…. it rarely/never happens!  Now I know I can just make my own.
Clay Letter Bowl

Thanks again to Mandy for letting me share my favorites.  I’d love to see you over at Planned in Pencil where I just finished some Wild Curtains

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

Thanks for Reading


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    Thanks for featuring my post about harvesting herbs! I definitely had a black thumb back in college, but it seems to be turning around now; these herbs are doing great!

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