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Remember, each week a reader, that’s YOU, picks their favorites from the link party – – if you want a turn, just email me, mandybeez at gmail – – 

Hi Sugar Bee Craft Readers,  

I’m super excited to be be picking the reader features today. I so enjoy seeing all the featured picks.  I love getting new ideas. My name is Barb and the name of my blog is Second Chance to Dream. I love to create and you can almost always find some kind of evidence of that creating at any moment in my house. I  am a life coach and my desire is to see women live their full potential both spiritually and creatively!  

Let’s get down to showing off these features.
I think it’s so important to celebrate education! You will find lots of fun here.
What a creative idea!  My 13 yo twin boys probably wouldn’t enjoy it but my granddaughters sure would!
This cute sign could be put out every summer.
Burton Avenue How awesome is this duck taped lamp shade.  Love it!  I have some lampshades that need some help.  I might have to steal this project. Duct tape lamp, Duck tape lamp
Measured by the Heart I am a sucker for a good printable. The problem is, I like to collect them instead of to do the work wrote on them.
Look how fun this suitcase is.  What a great idea!! Beats putting stuff in an ugly crate.
I LOVE Caprese salad.   I definitely have to try this.
Caprese Pasta
My favorite cookie in the world and I’ve never made them.  They are on my “to do” list.
I am bound and determined to enjoy the rest of this summer and what better way to do that than with ice cream.
12 great ice-cream recipes

Thanks again Mandy for letting me be apart of Sugar Bee Crafts Readers Features.  I really appreciate it.  Come on over and visit me at Second Chance to Dream.  I have a lot of Back to School posts to help you have a phenomenal start to the  new school year..
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Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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