August 27, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

I'm normally a garage sale person over a thrift store person (I think you find better deals at garage sales) but with only one kiddo at home during the day, running errands and browsing a thrift store or two is suddenly much easier than before.  I wanted a few things for decor in my newly painted dining room - I spotted this wicker owl for $1 and grabbed him just in case.  At home I gave him a fresh coat (actually several) of spray paint and I think it updated the look - thoughts??

Also, I am drawn to designer fabric - I can spot it a mile away - so while browsing housewares I spotted this dress and had to check it out.  I bought for $3 just for the fabric thinking I could cut it up, but it turns out it's my size.  I think it's a little juvenile for me (it'd be perfect for a 14 year old girl I think), but I love the print - maybe a new life as a skirt?  I would feel a little bad cutting it up - it's so well constructed, fabric print lines up exactly centered, fully lined, etc - whomever made it sure knew what they were doing.

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14 Fabulous Comments:

You look just great in it. Don't cut it up, wear it!

love the owl! I would definitely make it a skirt. As a full dress, the print is a little overwhelming, but as a skirt with a solid top it could work.

Keep the dress just the way it is! what an awesome find!

You look adorable in the dress. Maybe a little jacket to tone down the colors. Don't cut it up!

Love the owl too.

I agree with Sally, make it a skirt. It's a little much right now. I do love the fabric though!

I love the dress... don't cut it up! What about just removing the poofy sleeves and having a sleek sleeveless one? A little jacket would turn down the volume a bit. I like it!

I like the idea of either making it a sleeveless dress or into a skirt.

I agree with the idea of removing the sleeves. I am older than you, and without the sleeves, I would wear the dress. Yes, I would!

I think the dress is great. You just need to stop worrying about your age. You aren't that old you know. And who says only the young girls get to look cute? get a bubble gum pink large bead necklace and some cute teal flip flops and you are good to go!

I absolutely love the dress, you can pull it off without a problem. And put a little shrug over it for winter would be just as cute.

I agree with the above I wouldn't cut it up it's really nice on you

I say leave the dress alone. It's really cute. Maybe take it in a little bit in the hips and add a solid color cardigan?

I love the dress and the remove the sleeves idea, but I'm thinking you don't wear sleeveless, 'cause you're Mormon? Maybe I'm wrong there.
Any-way, you could remove the sleeves and put a cardigan with it to tone down the wild print :)

Don't know what you're takin about, "maybe perfect for a 14 yr old"!!! It looks so cute on you & does NOT in the least look "Too Young" for you!! I think it looks Fabulous & could'nt have been a better fit if you had made it your self!!! Well, maybe better if made but com'on!!!
Again, please don't cut it, it looks nice the way it is & very nice on you!!!

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