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I walked in to the Verizon store and told the guy that I was ready to take the plunge and get a smartphone.  He told me “welcome to 2012″ – and boy, is it nice to be here!  I ended up with the Samsung Galaxy SIII and love how gigantic it is.    He sent me away with it like I knew what I was doing and asked “any questions?” and I’m all “um, can you show me how to turn it on?” (insert inappropriate that’s-what-she-said joke here) – I was clueless about it, but I’ve have Trevor show me how to add apps and use Instagram, which is the whole reason I needed a smart phone.

So speaking of instagram, I asked Trevor how to post my instagram pics to my SugarBee facebook page instead of my personal FB page – he said that with Droids there isn’t that option – WHAT?!?!  Would that have been a game-changer had I known before I went Android instead of iPhone?… oh well, that technology has got to be right around the corner, right?

SO – if you want to see my happenings via Instagram, I guess you’ll have to follow me over there because I won’t be posting them on FB directly – – on Instagram I’m SugarBeeCrafts – come find me!  And does anyone have a few favorite apps to go along with instagram that I just have to have?  Any phone apps in general that I need to get?

I thought I’d try an Instagram Friday – I don’t think I’ll be doing this every week, but I had to get in on the fun at least once:

The older kids are in school so I only have one at home – it’s kind of weird, but fun and calm.  And much easier to run errands – I needed to return something to Old Navy, so Batman and I headed out and browsed the sales – – -

We try to have a family night each week.  The kids always insist on a game and Trevor’s always able to make something up.  This one is “see how many places you can hold a pen with no hands on your head” – like between your nose and lip, etc….

For playgroup we went to the spraypark for a final hurrah before they close down as the end of summer has come…

And in case you want to see something crafty, since this is a craft blog and all – I’m all done with another Giant Picture and it’s even more awesome than the first one.  Trevor was nice enough to hang it up for me – big reveal coming soon…

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    Droid kind of gets boned on photo apps. We dont have a lot. Little Photo is the only one I have found for it that is ok. Droid gets everything later! Shoot I was just able to download a Pinterest app and apple has had one for like two years!

    Still love my droid.

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    You can upload to your page but not from the Instagram app and you have to do a workaround. When you finish uploading to Instagram, open your Facebook app. Tap the menu at the upper left and scroll down to find your page – it will be near the bottom – and tap to go to it. Click on share photo and you should see your photo from Instagram listed.

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    I just got a droid too!!!! And I’m still trying to figure instagram out……it will not defeat me!!! And OMG @ your dear hubby on top of the China Cabinet?????? I would totally be freaking out!!!

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    Mandy…I share mine on fb by going to my gallery and uploading the “instagram” directly to my cleverlyinspired fb page ;) Enjoy your phone! Also the WordPress app is amazing…my blogpost yesterday was all done from my car while waiting for my kiddos at school ;)

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    So fun! Love the post! I am right there with you on having only one kiddo left at home… I have a little Batman on my hands too! He wears his mask everywhere! Have a fun weekend and congrats on the new phone!

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    Woo hoo! Yay for coming into 2012! I used to do an insta Friday too but it was too much for me as well do I do insta Friday July edition or August edition! Also I don’t know inu follow life rearranged but she has a great insta Friday link up!

    My fav apps are lens light (adds bokeh and flares) and postal pics (let’s u select pics right from your phone then enter your address and cc and they mail you the printed instagrams really quickly!)

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    I just got my smartphone about 2 months ago, so I totally understand being behind the times!! Have fun with it, now I don’t know what I would do without it!

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    Yay! Welcome to 2012 & instagram. I’m still catching up. My 11yo is teaching me everything I know. I have a droid, which I like. But I have an iPod, too. So I have the best of both worlds. One of the apps that I see people use on instagram that is available on both droids and iProducts is Labelbox. It allows you to put little labels on your photos, which can look cool or annoying, depending on how it’s done. // I love your teal blue chandelier! I have an old chandelier that needs a paint job. I just got inspired!!! yay!// I’m @annebickle on instagram, btw. :) // can’t wait for the big reveal…

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    if you have an Amazon.com account (and really you should!) they have a free Android app everyday. Some days they are games, some days productivity apps. Some days they suck. But, free app (the full version! no ads!) every day. For that, you can at least check it each day, even if you don’t end up downloading that days app.

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    Yay for smart phones! My fiancee used to work for U.S. Cellular (not sure if they go as far west as you are, but they are really popular around the midwest) so I spent the last 3 years of my life being the smartphone guru everywhere I go. Here’s a list of must-have apps (in my humble opinion, at least)

    Google Drive – Think of it as MS Office online (all documents can be collaborative – we use it for shopping lists a lot)

    Lemon – keep track of receipts just by taking a picture of them. it categorizes them so you can see what you spend your money on (could be good or bad, I guess)

    Flipboard – compiles all your social networking feeds & RSS feeds into one very well-designed app

    Pinterest – FINALLY! Just released this month :)

    RunPee – Probably my favorite app – when you go to movies in the theater, it tells you when there will be a lull in the action so you can go pee without missing something important!

    Netflix – if you have streaming service, this is great for bored kids when shopping or on long trips

    Find My Car – literally does what it says. When you’re in a big parking lot or new town, You push a button to tell your phone where you parked, and then when you need to find it, it directs you via GPS to the original location.

    Don’t forget the typical ones, too – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, Google Reader, etc.

    Have fun with your new toy! You’re going to love it!

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    I love the camera360 app for the android phone. So jealous you got the Galaxy S III! I have the first Galaxy S phone and would love to upgrade to that one someday.

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    Came across your blog through your guest post at ‘bugaboo, mini, mister and me’. And totally following! hehe! Seriously though, I’m glad I found you. Now I can happily spend hours stalking your blog ;) xx

    Shazia @ HandmadeLove

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