August 22, 2012

WIWW - Blogger Event

This week I thought I'd show you what I wore to the Michael's Blogger's event - - it's tricky, to balance "casual/business casual" with traveling - on an airplane you want to be comfy, etc.  I was on the more casual side of things, but it worked.

Well, I completely forgot to take a picture the first day.  I wore my bling jeans and a navy and white striped, boat-neck shirt.  Bling jeans were not an issue flying out of the small KC airport.  I learned later that's not always the case...

The second day I wore my mint jeans and a yellow cardigan - I thought it was a good mix of spring but still warm enough for those chilly conference rooms:

The next day it was meetings in the morning then the flight home.  I wore my dark jeans and a nice top.  The jeans are my bling jeans again (I tried to pack light) but flying out of Dallas they have those body scan machines - my rear light up red warnings all over the screen.  It must be a common occurrence because the lady's all "are you wearing bling pocket jeans?" - but still then I had to be checked and have my fingers swabbed (what was that for?).  Minor delay.  And then I didn't even fly out that day.
 I had planned to be home by this next day, so I threw on a free tshirt I got at the Michael's vendor show and my mint jeans - specifically thinking of the airport body scanner.  I also wore the charm necklace I made and my comfy Toms shoes for airport walking - and good thing, because my flight changed gates 4 times - that was a lot of walking!

Thoughts?  Do you have a "go-to" outfit for business casual, because I need one!

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I have a ton of blazers in non-suit type fabrics and colors - corduroy, cotton, velvet, etc. Throw any one over a t-shirt and jeans, and suddenly you're business casual :-)

LOVE the mint jeans. new follower.

I LOVE your mint jeans!!! They're very cute paired with your yellow cardi. I have heard so many horror stories from friends when it comes to bling jeans and airports.

Cute outfit, love the mint jeans!! So do you live in KC area? I live in Western, KS now, but used to live in the big city as well!! Small world!

You look darling in the mint jeans! but I would probably pick the middle (darker) one as a first choice. No, I don't have any business casual. I have garden, dog-walk-in-alfalfa-field, or church, and sometimes it's hard to distinguish one from another. lol

Its tough to plan for those events b/c you want to be cute/casual but not overdone. You did great, i have the mint jeans too and its fun to see it paired with the T and looking great. I also like it with yellow. I need to see your bling jeans now!

Great outfits! Love those mint jeans.
An easy business casual look would be a pencil skirt (a stretchy one in a comfy fabric and a great color) with flats and a simple tee and either a statement necklace or scarf. The flats and tee say comfy casual while the skirt says professional. Easy peasy. Same outfit with basic slim slacks works too!

Cuet! Love that you're comfy but still look put together!

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