August 15, 2012

WIWW - coral

Another exciting edition of What I Wore Wednesday.....I have been on a coral/ orangey-pink kick lately.

First, I found these shoes at the thrift store (I mentioned them last week) - they added the pop of color to a color-neutral outfit of a lace shirt and capris:

Then I got an order from Downeast, which included this skirt and coral tshirt - - I LOVE the shirt - it's just a little big, but I really love it!  Gray polka-dots, ruching on the sides - it's great.
And then I wore that shirt again with my easy knit skirt from my tutorial - it's an easy "Everyday Skirt" cause it's so comfy (blurry pic courtesy of the kids):
I got this shirt as well, but it's kind of weird and off-centered - it's alright, but I don't love it:
And I also go this shirt, which I surprisingly really like - it's really soft and seems to hang just right:
And here I am saying to the kids "give me the camera...."

Anyways, what are your thoughts on Coral??  Just a fad?  Here to stay?  Do you like it??

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11 Fabulous Comments:

I love the pop of color your coral shoes add, very cute!

Personally I love coral and I love the stripped shirt! So fun and different. If you don't mind my asking where did you get it? Not sure if coral will stay or go...I'm guessing it'll go like any other color {with the exception of black and white!} lol. I'm really enjoying the coral, turquoise, pinks and all that are out right now! Keep having fun with your wardrobe!

I have always loved coral! So for me, it's not a fad. Very cute! Love the striped shirt! May have to go order one now...;)

I love coral and I'm so excited that it's one of the "in" colors this summer. It's supposed to be one of those colors that look good on everyone!

Love coral, I had a dress that was coral 5 years ago and just bought a piece to make another coral dress. I don't care if its a fad or not :)

I LOVE that last shirt too!! It looks great :)

I just looked down and realized I am wearing coral!! Woohoo, too bad it's paired with a black lace top nursing bra (poking out) and black Soffees. I never dress up anymore :-P

I love coral too and I HAVE to have that striped shirt. Please let us know where you got it!!!

the striped shirt is from DownEast can get to them from that small square ad (orange header that says "Downeast" in my sidebar

I've always loved coral! It's one of those colors that can go with just about anything!

I like coral a lot, especially the lighter version. That last shirt is terrific. Love it! :-)

Love the coral wedges. So cute! The striped shirt is also fanastic!

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